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Lucas Entertainment Compilation April 2014

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Description7 Clips from the best of Lucas Entertainment April 2014

Bareback Double Penetration: Jed Athens, Drew Sumrok, and Nova Rubio

Nova Rubio, Drew Sumrok, and Jed Athens are all fighting for the same white-collar job. Drew is playing it cool but can’t help watching Nova and Jed, who say “fuck it” about the job and instead go down on each other. Drew’s willpower eventually breaks and he joins in with the fun, sucking off Jed Athens and Nova Rubio, and he certainly gives his jaw a workout in the process. It doesn’t take long for the suits to get stripped off and Nova positions himself as the top in the scenario. Jed and Drew are hungry to get their asses fucked with raw cock, but why stop with one deep-slamming cock when you can have two? If you're looking for bareback double penetration, then look no further!

Colton Grey Takes Turns With Jake Andrews and Anthony Verruso

Anthony Verruso asks Jake Andrews for some help at the gym: he’s unfamiliar with some of the equipment, and Jake (who is more experienced working out his gorgeous body) is more than happy to give the cutie some pointers. Afterwards Anthony meets his fuck buddy, Colton Grey, outside of the gym and tells him about the encounter he had with Jake. What’s Colton’s response? Why not bring him home! The three meet up outside and Jake heads home with the young couple. When there Jake Andrews shows the guys some stretching techniques, but it’s just an excuse to take clothing off! Anthony and Colton pull Jake’s cock out of his underwear and suck his big fat cock. Everyone looses their clothes and they all suck each other off before everyone takes a turn fucking some ass!

D.O. Enjoys a Hardcore Threesome in the Rain Forest

Tiziano Fuentes and Diego Lauzen sneak away into the Costa Rican jungle with D.O., and it’s Tiziano and Diego who are on the menu! Tiziano is a handsome, lean, and seductive son of a bitch, and he makes it his sole mission to give both D.O. and Diego as much pleasure as possible. Diego bends over and gives D.O. a deep-swallowing blowjob as Tiziano eats out the plump ass that Diego constantly shows off; he certainly makes a meal of it! D.O. wants to know what he’s missing out on so everyone switches spots so Diego is sucking Tiziano and getting his ass eaten by D.O.! Diego is the first to fuck Tiziano deep in his hungry ass, and the Latin king doesn’t hold back before D.O. rolls on a condom and gets in on the hard-pounding action!

Fabio Lopez Fucks Around Three Different Ways

Fabio Lopez is just too damn cute for his own good. He's let his hair grow out a little bit, giving his appearance a splash of youth, which draws the attention of Fernando Torres, Raff Owen, and Aaron Mark. What ensues between the two of them is a raw fuck party on a pool table that won't soon be forgotten. The cute guys and hardcore gay bareback sex abound in this fucking romp!

Jake Andrews Explores His Romantic Side with Michael Lucas

Today we get to see the softer side of Jake Andrews. We all know that he's a sexy son of a bitch who loves to have sex: this is a gorgeous guy who has a passion for men, and when he shows his attention no one denies it. He's amazing at having sex, and that's all there is to it. But here Jake Andrews has a make-out session with Michael Lucas where they embrace and kiss on a sofa.

Michael Lucas Fucks Seth Treston Raw

Businessmen Michael Lucas and Seth Treston meet each other along the Hudson River where the have a brief encounter that leads them back to Michael’s apartment. He pulls his 10-inch uncut cock out of his pants once they’re inside and Seth wastes no time taking care of it with his mouth. After Seth gives Michael a blowjob, the bareback bottom spins around so Michael Lucas can wet his asshole with a rimjob. It all leads up to hard bareback fucking -- Seth is hungry for a pound as he takes it from Michael doggy style. The raw ass fucking concludes with Seth bouncing up and down on Michael’s cock before they blow their loads.

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