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An unqualified hit, and one of Ryan's best-sellers ever.

You’ll snap to attention watching this prime example of fine American porn: fun, sexy, and full of primed beefy flesh doing it every which way. Beginning with one of the most overlong, repetitive musical credits sequences, Idol In The Sky stars Ryan as Commander Idol.

In charge of a frisky assemblage of air force cadets, Idol chomps on a stogie and explains their newest fighter jet. However, the boys are too busy "lubing their shafts" to absorb lessons. So he has them absorb something else - his rock-solid cock. Deep-throating (and Idol’s appreciative moans of "Oh YEAH!"), spanking, boot-licking, cock-slapping, and fucking follow. ("Thank you, sir!" cadet McKenna belts when receiving Idol’s squirt right in his face.)

Training activities follow, giving each of the hunky models an opportunity to strut tight, muscle-packed bods. Later there’s a shower jerk-off, sex with a paratrooper, a garden-hose being inserted into a body part that I doubt any flowers could ever grow in, and plenty more. Logic is completely tossed out the window though - military boys wearing Calvin Kleins on base?

This is a sure-fire crowd pleaser for Idol fans, military fetishists, and those in search of an over-the-top porno funfest. Ten-hut!

1996, 105 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Men of Odyssey

Cast:  Ryan Idol, Joshua Sterling, Bo Summers, Dino DiMarco, J.T. Sloan, Jordan Young, Aaron Austin, Adam Wilde, Hawk McAllistar, Kyle McKenna
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