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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-23 |
Naked Highway
Cast:  Jim Buck, Joey Violence, Austin, Kurt Young, David Thompson, Sam Crockett, Clay Maverick, Ty Hardman, Dino DiMarco, J.T. Sloan, Bret Baldwin, Troy Halston, Bo Langston, Price Saunders, Vidkid Timo
Director:  Wash West
Screenwriter:  Wash Wes

3 Reasons To buy this film

    One of the mid-1990's true classic gay adult films.
    From award-winning director Wash west, and one of his best.
    The plot, the videography, the sex, the performaces - all perfect.

Behold one of gay porndom's most-influential and award-winning titles. British director Wash West (Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard; Toolbox) has taken porn to a new level with this dazzling, innovative and seductively sexy film in which he combines powerhouse sex with an interesting story line, high production values and great performances. Not only is it easily 1997's best, in my opinion it's one of the all-time best porns I've ever "cum" across.
Opening in the bayous of Louisiana, we find Jim Buck madly in love with Austin. But Austin leaves him for the cheap lights of Hollywood, leaving Jim to wallow in a world of booze. But when Jim sees one of Austin's sex films, he decides to head out west and find his love.
Meanwhile in Houston, the adorable Joey Violence, a hustler by trade, kills a rich trick (played with malevolent cockiness by Dino DiMarco) and makes off with his car; he picks up the hitchhiking Jim. But soon they are stopped by a randy cop (a superbuff-looking J.T. Sloan), with Jim forced to give him a long, sloppy blow job. They escape the long cock of the law as Joey pulls a gun on the cop, giving way to Sloan to utter the immortal line "Oh great... a couple of Thelma & Louise queens!" Indeed, the duo embarks on a cross-country trip filled with some of the hottest pitstops I've ever seen. A menacing, erotic and uneasy air of violence and rape pervades the proceedings at times, but it never feels exploitative - just hot as shit.
West, a truly gifted director and videographer (think Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho), employs color dissolves, Super-8 and 16mm photography as well as stop motion effects and a re-creation of old '50s films during a flashback (featuring then real-life partners Kurt Young and David Thompson) that will leave you panting for more.
An instant classic, porn doesn't get much better or more creative.
Wash West's Naked Highway is a rare gem must-own film.

-- Keeneye Reeves
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