Factory Fresh

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DescriptionDion Philips, Erik Iverson, Felix Slovacek, Honza Banan, Jason Jackman, Justin Corner, Marco Mark, Sergej Ural, Thomas Lee

The setting is one of those crumbling abandoned factories that seem to exist in Eastern Europe for the sole purpose of being a porn set. It's as good as any in the capable hands of director Brian Mills, who has cast nine outrageously hot men to liven up the dank setting with their excitement and wonderful skills. Three is never a crowd in this movie, not with three scenes of three men each.
Marco Mark, a sharp-featured brunet with a cleft chin and a luscious body, decides to make the factor his temporary home. Thinking he has the place all to himself, he naps. However, Jason Jackman and Honza Banan are also there and steal Marco's bag as he slumbers. As they are rooting through his stuff, they spot a three-way going on a bit away and can't help but watch.
Could anyone? Curly-haired blond Justin Corner is diligently sucking both Dion Phillips, a good looking brunet, and Thomas Lee, a beefy blondish guy with a bit of shadow on his face. Thomas has a giant cock and Dion's isn't so small either, but Justin worships them both ably. Justin has a drooling mouth that coats both dicks, and he shows no preference. As long as this hottie is sucking dick, he seems totally happy. It's then Dion's turn to blow, managing Thomas' scary piece well and having an easier time with Justin's. Thomas finally gets in on the oral act when he sucks Justin as Dion sucks Thomas. Thomas has a nice affinity for foreskin and there is plenty of it here. After Thomas has his chance for solo time on the other two, the recipients both splatter big on his chest and then he cums. Now it's time for some ass investigation. Dion gets way up close to Justin's with his tongue. Justin has bulbous cheeks, and they look great parted by Dion's face. Having lubed and fingered Justin, Dion fucks him. From the onset, he's energetic, given to burying deep and going really fast. Thomas very quickly follows Dion, managing to park his entire dick inside Justin. It's a tight fit, but Thomas powers through and Justin sucks Dion up front while being sliced. Justin rides Thomas and then gets another fuck from Dion and Thomas on his back. He has really opened up for Thomas, who can now get all the way inside with some punishing depth charges. This time, the cum barrage gets Justin all messy.
As for our thieves, they pocket the money and dash off to find compatriot Felix Slovacek, a gigantic muscle stud with some interesting hair. As he and Honza, a shapely cutie with thinning hair, kiss, adorable spikey-haired blond Jason blows them. Both guys have imposing uncut cocks, but Jason is a very dedicated sucker. With noticeable spark, he dives back and forth between the dicks, going further down each time. His marathon sucking over, Jason finally gets to rest when Honza takes over sucking chores. Honza is a more deliberate oralist, working slowly and sensually on the mighty dicks fighting for space at his face. It's Honza's passionate sucking that gets everyone creaming for the first time, dotting his pale chest as he explodes as well. Moving to another part of the room, Jason knows his job and throws his legs in the air. Honza is his first top, again working methodically, not going in too deep, but working on opening Jason. Once that happens (and it's pretty quick), he goes in deeper, with Felix behind him to goad him on. Felix is next, and he launches an immediate assault on Jason, who actually looks more comfortable with Felix's slashing nasty pounding. From there, the two guys alternate, but Felix is thrilling to watch and his trips inside Jason are the fucking highlights here. When Jason stands up to be fucked, it's again Felix who tears into him, with Honza patiently waiting his turns. Their tag-teaming is excellent, and then the tops cum on Jason's butt.
As the above trio left the factory, they tossed aside Marco's bag, to be found by two guys entering, blond Sergej Ural and reedy dark-haired pale Erik Iverson. As they look in it, Marco comes out, but he doesn't seem at all upset that strangers are invading his bag. Instead, he drinks some water and spits it into each guy's mouth. This is a scorching moment, super hot! It gets them kissing, with the truly stunning Marco in the middle of tall Sergej and tattooed Erik. Out come the boners and onto them goes Erik, with such loving attention. At first, Erik seems interested only in Marco's dick. However, if you watch him, you'll see that as he's sucking Marco, he doesn't take his eyes off Sergej's cock much. When he gets around to Sergej, he can't make up his mind which he wants to blow, so he takes them both. After a volley of cum, Marco hits the floor and begins sucking Erik. He's an excellent sucker, totally adept and full of oomph. Sergej joins him and they give Erik a succulent double-blowjob. The moments where they hold his cock in their mouths as their lips twirl around each other are so hot. This gets Erik to cum. Mammoth Sergej then bends over so Marco can eat his ass. He does this with the same high energy as the blew, wetting the hairy butt with a tongue that doesn't stop! Erik follows him, tongue to hole, and Sergej beams proudly. Marco fucks Sergej first. As expected, he's just marvelous. Making it look easy, he slides in and out of Sergej's ass as he kisses Erik. The guy is so confident and so watchable. Erik is patient, but Marco doesn't want to stop, flipping Sergej onto his back so he can fuck him missionary. The results are thankfully the same. However, he does finally relent to letting Erik take over, but only for short bursts between his trips back inside. Everyone gets to cum on Sergej and then they toddle off arm in arm in arm.
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