Boss Man

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Doug Jeffries finds Joshua Scott asleep on the job, and it makes him mad. So mad, that he makes Joshua clean his ass and suck his dick. Doug then shoves his fuck pole up Joshua's love tunnel.

Richard Allen and Will Clark met each other at a party the night before, and they can't get enough of each other. After some mutual cock worship, Will plows into Allen's hole and then blows a load of dick gravy all over Allen's face.

Frank Parker gets off good! Chris Michaels has a seat on his rock hard rod and after doing him in this position Frank picks him up and turns him around, all without removing his cock from Chris' hungry chute.
found in compilation Hot, Hairy & Horny 2

Richard Allen and Joshua Scott are at the gym when they see Richard Raines rubbing his crotch. Needing no further encouragement, the two quickly introduce their schlongs to Richard's mouth. The three of them engage in a round of "I suck you, you suck me" before they all spurt man juice.

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The box cover could be a bit confusing. There is a gorgeous "megahunk"-style photo of a smooth shaven Joshua Scott. He really looks like a big, nasty Boss Man. At least that was my perception (read: fantasy) upon encountering the box. However, once you pop in the tape, Scott appears with longer hair and a goatee. Rather than being the boss, he is the employee of hunky Doug Jeffries.
They do a nice, highly charged opening scene where Jeffries orders Scott to eat his ass and bone. Then Jeffries crams a well-captured fuck into cover stud Scott (or "Employee Bottom Man"). They do hot, simultaneous pop shots. The next scene is less successful, with back cover man Richard Allen in bed with beefy blond Will Clark. They seem to "wrestle for bottom" while trading half-aroused sucking. Allen wins, so Clark has to push a semi-firm fuck into to the rugged brunet.
Cut to a couple who met at the gym. On a sofa, Chris Michaels goes down on Frank Parker's stiff, hot, daddy meat. With his pants around his ankles, Michaels mounts the goateed blond's lap for erotic ass-to-weenie rubbing. He also has his dick sucked up to snuff. When Parker enters that ass, you know he means business. We get sizzling footage and hot pop shots. At the beginning of the final locker room scene, we (finally) see Richard Allen's huge boner in its full glory. Things go down from there - so to speak - as he, Joshua Scott and jockish Richard Raines do a semi-swelled suck session. They perform some hot configurations, but only Scott shows sustained sexual interest. Though some of the sex is uneven, "Boss Man" is worth a look for its masculine looking cast.
- Hank Ferguson
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