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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-07 |
Conor has done some dancing at a few night clubs. But this is his first experience with porn. He loved all the attention he was getting from the girls when he was on stage. Sometimes thousands of them. One time, after putting on a private show, a girl from the audience gave him a blow job right in the open at the restaurant. He says he is pretty open sexually, as long as nobody’s trying to put anything in his ass. Some of his fellow female strippers have wanted to put on a strap on and give it to him. But that’s not for him. He tells me about his tattoos before he is ready to start stroking. As he pulls off his t-shrit, his arms bulge and the hair on his chest ruffles against the cotton. He reaches under the waistband of his underwear and a stiff rod of flesh springs out. As he strokes, he settles into the couch, making himself at home. His blue eyes are focused on the video he’s watching while he caresses his thick cock. He places his left arm behind his head and the faint reddish hair of his armpit is matted, migrating its way up to the massive bicep flexing above. His pale complexion is slightly flushed, from the blood flow in his crotch, complementing his gingerish hair. As he continues to stroke, a bead of precum wells up at the tip of his pink dick, glistening under the lights. His chest heaves and cum begins to gush from his dick. A gob splatters on his taut stomach as several more white clusters dribble onto his hand and into his ginger bush.

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