Hole 2 (2013) Raging Stallion

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4 scenes, 1080p, Raging Stallion logo

director Adam Killian, Tony DiMarco

Adam Ramzi
Bryan Cole
Jesse Santana
Joe Parker (us)
Josh West
Luke Milan
Mitchell Rock
Scott Hunter (uk)
Trenton Ducati

In HOLE 2, big-dicked voyeur Josh West oversees a grim detention center whose inhabitants are forced to watch each other jack off or fuck on closed-circuit TV. Josh allows them to watch each other, and he continually plays hot puppet master by throwing two men together to enjoy watching them sexually ravish each other. The solitary confinement and continuous porn diet that he subjects these rugged men to fills them with passions in need of quenching. HOLE 2, directed by award winning Tony Dimarco and Adam Killian, features four twisted pairs of big dicks and the holes they fill and a solo finale. Solitary has left Joe Parker horny, and needing a bath and shave. When Adam Ramzi is shoved in his cell, Joe reacts like a caged beast being fed. Then, two scenes whose models are immobilized by being wrapped in plastic. For Luke Milan, oxygen deprivation plus sex deprivation equals combustion. Bryan Cole unwraps Luke like a present then surrenders his ass. Mitchell Rock and Jesse Santana are both captured in red plastic. Jesse is restrained face-down and Mitchell can see, but not reach, Jesse's ass ... until he shreds his casing and seizes the hole that's tantalizing him. Trenton Ducati is abducted and tossed in a running shower unconscious. When Scott Hunter materializes, his beefy pecs and high, round ass cause Trenton to come to. Finally, the architect of these confined sexual matches, Josh West, watches his master plan become reality and pleasures himself. In HOLE 2, muscle, sweat and cock add up to relentless sexual appetites that might have been forged in a nuclear reactor. It's a prison some men want to get into, not out of.

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