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DescriptionWilliam Higgins - Honza Forst and Danek Rovny 1/12

Two of the cutest guys imaginable come together for a duo. Honza Forst and Danek Rovny are both great looking guys. Danek is asleep on the sofa, naked and barely covered by the duvet. Honza creeps into the room and tries to remove the duvet, but as he does so Danek stirs and almost awakes. Honza tries again and still doesn't succeed as Honza moves again. Finall Honza is able to pull the duvet down and off Danke, revealing his full nakedness. Honza then creeps around to the back of the sofa and starts to caress the sleeping Honza, and finally taking hold of his cock and beginning to wank it. Honza doesn't wake up as he is played with so Honza feels bolder and rubs Honza's foot against his jeans, and then pulls his own cock out and rubs it against Honza's foot. Honza then moves Danek's leg and goes down and sucks on his hard cock. The feeling of mouth on his cock is enough to wake Danek, who reaches down to caress Honza, encouraging him to suck more. Honza then stands and removes his jeans, as Danek sits up, his throbbing cock sticking right up. Honza's dick is rock hard too as he gets naked. He steps astride Danek, presenting that big dick right in front of his face. Danek responds by licking at Honza's balls and then sucking the cock into his mouth. He sucks and Honza's cock and licks his balls, all the time wanking his own erect dick. Honza loves the feeling as his cock is in Danek's mouth and starts to fuck his face. he then moves down to Honza's ass, which is presented for his delectation. He spits on the hole and then licks and fingers it in turns. His finger goes deep into Honza's ass and we just know that something else will soon be in there. Sure enough, Honza's big fat cock is soon slipped into that eager ass, with Danek moaning as he feels his hole stretched. Honza fucks him nice and deep, with long thrusts before changing position so that Danek can sit on the dick and ride it. His own cock is rock hard as he rides Honza's throbbing member. Honza then starts to fuck the ass, real fast with Danek maintaining a huge stiffy as he is fucked. He moans as his ass is deep-dicked and the guys move again, with Danek on his back, legs in the air so that Honza can fuck him even harder. Honza wants to cum and lays down with Danek's head positioned to catch the cum. Honza blows is load which shoots over Danek's mouth, who sucks the cock into his mouth to drain it. The guys then kiss and Honza is keen to reciprocate and duly takes Danek's cum over his lips and sucks the sticky dick into his mouth too. Danek pulls Honza to his feet and kisses him tasting his own cum from Honza's mouth. What a great scene with two very good guys doing what comes naturally.
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