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"In the Can" is a visual opus from director Chi Chi LaRue, and it's cast with an absurd amount of sheer beauty, and performed with so much gusto you wonder if there was a can of Red Bull left within ten miles of the set.

Super handsome Paul Johnson is alone on the set of a photo shoot. He looks ravishing here, his creased faced reminding me of TV actor Christopher Meloni. He plays with his cock and ass a great deal, Hue Wilde's camera coming in at various wonderful angles. After he's had enough of himself, Joe Foster, sporting just a tad of hair under his chin and a ripped muscular body, slowly enters the set. As energetic as Paul will be throughout the scene, Joe will be just as stern (but that very difference is actually one of the best aspects of the scene). Paul slides down the ladder right to Joe's cock and sucks with a ton of effort. They then dry-hump for a while, mainly to show off Paul's sensational ass and then Joe blows Paul's twitching cock. He's talented, if quiet, with Paul face-fucking Joe and moaning loudly with pleasure. Joe slips under Paul's ass to lick a little, with Paul gyrating his butt on Joe's tongue. Paul then sits down on Joe's cock and rides to glory. He's an absolute stallion of a bottom, though Joe has his winning moments thrusting up into him. Paul cums being fucked and then Joe has a messy popper that smacks Paul's balls with cum.

Dark and muscled Nick Capra is up next with the ever-adorable braced Trent Atkins. As they pose for a photo shoot, blond Trent sticks his ass out to Nick, who can't resist rimming gloriously, all with Trent's jeans on! Nick gets them very wet and you realize that this whole entry is a massive tease because once the jeans come off -- he wets the underwear beneath them. It's a glamorous Chi Chi touch, making the viewer ache for the butt we can't wait to finally see. We finally get to the ass itself, and it's well worth it, a pair of smooth orbs into which Nick lustily dives with his mouth and continues his butt-munch. After a long wonderful period of rimming in nearly every possible position, Nick sticks his long dick, made for skewering little butts, into Trent. Nick nastily fucks Trent, who begs for more and gets it. Dreamboat Nick slams Trent, able to slide in and out of the ass with ease, with an unbelievable level of energy. Once Nick pulls out, Trent falls to his knees to blow the massive cock, filling his face with as much as his ass got. Nick then sucks Trent in a thrilling display of deep-throating, coating his partner in drool. Trent demands to be fucked again, so he climbs aboard Nick and the two of them crash at each other in perfect symbiosis. After more extreme fucking, Trent pulls a cum-shot out of himself and then before he's finished dripping, he turns his hands to Nick and jerks his partner off to a big blast.

The third scene is a yummy four-way that starts with dark and hairy Damon Ivy, who has great chest hair, and his partner is the sumptuous Christopher Michaels, with his handsome face and chiseled tanned body. After they make out up against the wall for a while, displaying the same type of rabid focus as the previous four performers, Damon falls to his knees to suck Christopher, whose biceps are bulging out of his tight T-shirt. Cock in hand, someone begins to eyeball them from a neighboring stall. This turns the two guys on incredibly, and of course it delights the third, Anthony Holloway. Christopher blows Damon even better than he got it, and as the two trade suckings, Anthony beats off furiously. He finally joins them while Christopher is in sucking mode, and the gifted oralist goes back and forth between his charges ferociously. The glory hole reveals pretty twink Robbie Angel watching these three, with Damon now sucking Anthony and Christopher leaning over to share. Anthony has an ample piece, so there is plenty for both. Robbie then joins them, Damon taking to his cock like a duck to water as Christopher gets Anthony solo. Everyone writhes in ecstasy as Anthony and Robbie make out over their suckers. Damon then sucks Anthony and Christopher does some of his best work on Robbie's upward curving cock. Anthony bends over to suck Robbie, who now has all three guys on their knees in front of him alternating. Christopher then takes up residence behind Damon, eating his ass as Damon does the same to Anthony. Christopher fucks Damon with a superbly greasy and easy fuck while Robbie blows Anthony. Christopher is an unassuming performer, but he's a whiz, a hell of a top. Anthony then fucks Robbie while the other two stand over them, cocks in each other's hands before they all climax.

After those three breathless scenes, can we relax a little? Not likely with cute-as-a-button Kyle Kennedy paired with Matt Summers, a brunet with great forearm hair, a solid body and super sexy eyes. In a tropical hotel room, with fans spinning overhead, Matt saunters over to Kyle and blows him. His square jaw completely overtakes Kyle's entire pelvis. Talk about your deep-throats, just wait until the moment when Matt sucks down not only all of Kyle's meaty cock, but both of his balls as well! Matt climbs over Kyle to let him rim a bit (and up Matt's butt is about the only way I'd want to lose track of Kyle's dreamy face). Kyle spreads Matt's cheeks apart and sends his tongue shooting in as far as he can muster. After some making out, where Matt is not content to use just Kyle's lips, instead swallowing up everything from his nose to his chin. Matt then sits on Kyle's dick to get fucked. He squeezes right down to the bottom, riding with the force of a hurricane, his own hard cock slapping hard against smiling Kyle's chest. Though the supremely energetic Matt Summers is the bolting force of the scene, how can you not be inspired staring at hall-of-fame handsome Kyle the whole time? Kyle has a few moments of stolen thrusting in the above position, but he's allowed a lot more time to impress when he hammers Matt missionary on the coffee table. His swiveling hips churning a whomping fuck into Matt, Kyle is ginger and frisky, a winning topping performance to end a long series of them in this flick. Matt almost bounds off the table with a cum-shot that probably drained the hotel of electricity, looking as if his body is being invaded by another life force. Kyle splashes his all over Matt's face and the two face the camera, all smiles, to say in unison:

"Well, that's another one ... in the can."

The scene length here is long and luxurious, with ample time given to the build-up of each, so that we don't feel rushed in getting right to the fucking. Starting off with Paul and not ending until Kyle's final cum-shot, I felt as if I'd spent hours on a treadmill after watching these guys. Somehow shocked into giving opulently energetic performances, they all make each scene sizzle. There isn't a downbeat throughout, a smooth easy success being the final result.

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