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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-17 |

I got a bit lazy with this upload and as you know Dick Dorm is a bit different to Haze Him with their discriptions.

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1)  All Balls Out

Truth or dare, drinking, guys and girls. A recepie for some hot college sex if you ask me. First rule, ditch truth. Who cares about truth. Everyone knows the purpose of any good truth or dare game is daring people to do sexual things until everyone is fucking. The girls get the boys to match their dares. Out of dozens of submissions for this update, this one took the cake.

2)  Buck Wild

3)  Lets Hear It
Did you hated your roommate back in college. Well, this guy takes the hate to a new level. In this episode of dickdorm we have the classic roommate battle of one guy is super clean, while the other is a pig. Poor Kevin cant stand filth anymore, so he comes up with a plan to invite some of his friends while his roommate is away, and have a gay old time all over his roommate stuff. This party gets so out of hand that by the end there is a straight friend questioning his own manhood. Now that’s what DickDorm is all about.

4)  All In. ---> Most recent one I could get.

How do you turn a straight guy into doing something gay I ask. Well, how about catch him on video jerking off in the shower, and tell him that if he does more, he could make lots of money. That is exactly what this two roommates did. At first I thought that the guy will get so mad, but it turned out he didnt mind is so much. After calling a few other friends to come over, and drinking some shots, everyone was willing to make that extra dough. This dorm party turned into a big gay fuck fest real quick.

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