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Office Affairs, a Falcon production, which was directed by Tony Dimarco, was a bit of a pleasant surprise for me. Each scene had a well thought out story or fantasy behind it, that pulled me into the action, which seems to be a trademark of Mr. Dimarco's.

D.O. is an exotic, foreign business man, who has just pitched his deal to Roman Heart. But he wants to know if Roman is willing to work "intimately" with him. Roman, who is married, hesitates. But after a few of D.O.'s kisses, Roman is on his knees worshiping D.O.'s perfect cock. D.O. controls this scene expertly as he ravishes Roman's smooth boyish ass, grabbing it, fingering it, rimming it and finally fucking it. In the end, D.O. cums buckets all over himself and Roman. What a great way to open this film!

There was a hot fantasy aspect to this scene that I wasn't expecting. Tommy Defendi as the clean cut photographer taking pictures of the tanned beefcake underwear model Marcus Mojo. Of course the model will undress in front of Tommy. He dons the undies saying �Cute undies � of course I never wear any!� Then Tommy oils Marcus� skin so that the muscles will show. Next he proceeds to direct him and pose him for each photo. Also, he needs to adjust the underwear for each photo. All of these little details help build the fantasy and I was eating them up! Plus I felt that this was perfect casting and I loved how each of them looked in their roles. Tommy gets to the ass shot and says �Wow, your ass looks good enough to eat!� Marcus replies �Go ahead, I won�t mind�� What a great segue to the sex! And the sex was no disappointment either. Especially when it is Marcus� turn to blow Tommy and he says �Wow. Looks like you got a big one there!� The sex between these two was intense and passionate. Marcus let loose ropes of cum and Tommy�s shot was a geyser. Tommy seems to have trimmed up his body quite a bit and is looking a far more manly. Great work guys! Hot scene!

How many of us have worked in an open office setting in a cubicle? I know I have! Hours spent dreaming of cubicle sex� Well, your dreams are answered in this scene! Dylan Roberts is admiring a photo of Marcus Mojo on his cubicle computer screen when blue eyed cutie Marko Lebeau drops by. Dylan feels that no matter how hard he works in the gym, his abs will never be like Marcus� are. Marko asks to see Dylan�s and the men compare their abs. I prefer Marko�s furry ones. But, boys will be boys, and before we know it, they are having sex in the cubicle! They demonstrate how to do 3 positions in the limited space that a cubicle provides. If I were still working and single, I would invite Marko to my cubicle for some no strings attached liaisons. For sure. I am also sure that those of you who have worked in the cubicle situation will enjoy this scene.

Landon Conrad is directed to a waiting area where Brandon Lewis is sitting. The two men sit opposite each other and fantasize about having sex with each other. We are shown their fantasies which are identical up until a point. The end of the fantasies is where the film gets interesting because they end up in simultaneous flip-flop positions for the cum shots; we are shown both situations in split screen. This was a highly innovative way of ending the film and even though I don�t find the actors particularly attractive because of their Mid-Western American looks, this cleverness saved this scene for me.

All in all, this was an enjoyable film with strong performances by all of the cast, but most notably, D.O., Roman Heart, Tommy Defendi, and Marcus Mojo. I also liked Marko Lebeau in his scene. The camera work was excellent. Another very compelling feature of this film were the vignettes provided for each scene, which I attribute to the director, Mr. Dimarco. All I can say is �Brilliant!� They really make this film and combined with the fine actors, make it into a fine film.

Highly recommended.
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