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Corbin Fisher - Justin - Pack 1

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DescriptionGorgeous Justin first three videos!

Video 01 - Justin
Like a lot of Pisces, Justin loves the water. So, we gave this 20-year old surfer dude a chance to show off in the shower!

Justin spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water. He told us he learned to surf “from scratch,” and has been at it for five or six years now. And yes ...he's had sex at the beach - and in the daytime. Unfortunately, it was a secluded area and no one was around to see it.

But clearly Justin likes to be seen, which must be why he sent his model application to us personally. His wide blue eyes and long curly hair frame a sexy and yet almost-innocent face. But below that face is a hot surfer's body and a throbbing dick!

He snuck out of his house when he was 16 to go to his girlfriend's house and have sex for the first time. She was more experienced than him, and she definitely taught him a few tricks. While Justin prefers girls, he's one of the few models we've had that has experimented with guys before going through their CF education. Maybe he'll have a trick or two to teach the upperclassmen.

Justin is kind of a horndog who has sex three to four times a week on average, and jerks off two to three times a week. He prefers girls that are shorter than him, and he likes anal sex with girls. The first time he had sex with a guy was when he spent the night at a friend's house. The guy was into him, but Justin didn't know it and they ended up having sex.

He takes his clothes off for us, and it's not surprising he's not wearing underwear. This surfer knows when the wave is coming, you've got to be ready to ride it! He has a nice dick and some extremely low-hanging nuts. He tells us he gets a lot of compliments on those balls.

Justin heads into the shower and enjoys the water for a minute before soaping up. The water beads up on his tan chest, dripping down off those big balls and his cock. He lathers up his entire body, slowly and methodically. He is totally enjoying the slow build-up to his release.

He strokes his cock as the water showers over him, plays with his balls and rubs his wet pecs and ass. By the time Justin sits down, his cock is stiff and begging for more attention. It sticks out, and yet he still doesn't rush anything.

The water keeps splashing down as Justin jerks his cock, slowly winding his fist back and forth around the head. When he comes, it's a thick cream that he keeps stroking onto his cockhead. This surfer is wiping it on, not wiping out!

Video 02 - Justin's First Time
Our ripping new freshman Justin hits the surf and shows us how he knows how to “shoot the pier” in his first guy-guy scene with Trey!

During his solo, Justin revealed he'd messed around with guys before, but only some oral and bottoming. Not only would this be his first time with a guy on camera, it would be his first time fucking a guy. Trey's eyes lit up when he heard this. It would be a first for Trey too – to take it from a first-time top!

Pete jokingly told Justin he had a pro with him in the form of Trey and that Justin “didn't have to be gentle with him. Use and abuse. He likes it rough.” Justin didn't back down from the challenge – clearly he's claimed a few wild swells before.

The guys kiss and Trey remarks how passionate a kisser Justin is. They ditch their shirts and Justin lies back, as Trey kisses his chest and abs. Sticking one hand down Justin's shorts, he makes sure Justin is relaxing and getting charged up at the same time. He goes down on Justin's cock hungrily. If surfers have a better way to wax their boards, I'd like to see it.

Justin lays back enjoying Trey's mouth on his cock. His dick gets stiffer and fills Trey's mouth and throat, making him more excited. Trey stands and says, “Suck my cock.” Justin eagerly swallows it and Trey tells him, “Oh, your mouth feels so good. You have done this before.” He pulls his cock out and teases Justin's lips and mouth before sticking it back in.

Trey asks if Justin's ever had his toes sucked. He makes Justin swallow his cock, while he gets to work sucking each one of Justin's toes and jerking Justin's dick. Could this be another first for CF – a 74? (Two guys in a 69 plus 5 toes?) Somebody call Guinness!

Trey moans in anticipation and makes Justin get behind him. Justin sticks his dick inside Trey's tight ass. This must be what Justin is like on the water … he thrusts into Trey rhythmically and slowly, slowly shredding up to the peak of his wave, then slowing back down. His hips are always moving, and keeping his balance as he shoves his dick into Trey over and over.

“You're so far in my ass,” Trey moans. He loves to get fucked and Justin slides in and out of Trey's bubble butt with precision and power. After Trey rolls over, Justin pulls a re-entry from the side, shoving it even further in. “That's a lot of dick!” Trey says. Justin again builds to an intense break, then eases back down.

Trey can't take any more. “I'm gonna come all over my fucking chest! You want to see me cum?” he says. It's a cruncher, spraying jets of cum all over his chest and stomach. Justin pulls his longboard out and shoots his load all over Trey's dick, then rubs it in.

As a bonus, these two hit the showers. Trey sings a little, then asks Justin about the meaning of his tattoo. After a small shower malfunction, where Trey and Justin both get splashed by a runaway nozzle, Trey also asks if we had fun filming.

Let's put it in surfer terms – we're stoked!

Video 03 - Fucking Justin
Like many other guys who go through the CF education, our new surfer dude Justin is exploring his sexuality. And he's going to a get a great lesson from our Dean's List magna cum lotta, Dawson!

We had an interesting talk with Justin, who doesn't identify as bisexual despite his past experience with guys. Justin is laid back and enjoys what he's done, but doesn't “like boys.” As I tell him, behavior doesn't necessarily define sexuality.

Dawson wants to fuck Justin and Justin said he was totally cool with that. Who wouldn't be? Dawson kisses Justin and then he slides a hand up Justin's shirt and his shorts, kissing and caressing him. Justin smiles as Dawson observes, “Somebody's gone commando.”

I asked Dawson what Justin's dick was telling him and he grinned and said, “He might like boys.” Another smile spreads over Justin's face.

Dawson is a great mentor and knows how to expand a guy's horizons. But how he knew Justin would respond so well to having his toes sucked I can only credit to his sexual intuition. Dawson sucks Justin's dick, then Justin returns the favor. The guys start a 69, that slides into a rimming 69, Justin's first experience rimming with a guy.

Justin is moaning and telling Dawson how good the rim job feels. Dawson says, “I can't wait to fuck that hole.” After spitting on it, Dawson starts sliding a finger into Justin's ass, prepping for the dick coming his way. “It is so fucking tight,” Dawson says and Justin says its tight “just for him.”

This inspires Dawson to go one step further. He works two fingers into that tight ass. The moans of pleasure intensify. Dawson spanks Justin's ass and decides to try another finger.

Dawson manages to squeeze another finger in. Neither of them can believe it. So Dawson turns up the heat – and slides four fingers all the way in! Justin's definitely ready for Dawson's cock now.

Getting on his hands and knees, Justin sits back on Dawson's dick. Dawson pounds away, before turning Justin on his side and taking him from that angle. It's always great to see Dawson in action, because he focuses on making his partner feel great. He looks into Justin's eyes as they fuck. Justin says, “You're fucking me so good. My dick is so hard!”

Dawson keeps the rhythm up for a while longer, then gets Justin on his back. Justin has a great view of Dawson's chiseled body as he drives deep and slow inside him. Justin isn't able to hold back any longer. He asks if Dawson wants him to cum. Justin shoots a thick load that lands on his stomach. Dawson fucks Justin even faster, building to his own orgasm.

He pulls out and explodes in Justin's open mouth. One jet sprays across it and runs down Justin's cheek. Justin sucks Dawson's dick clean. Dawson kisses him and tells him they should get a shower.

Dawson has a great post-fuck conversation with Justin, asking how he liked his first rim job with a guy and his first taste of cum. As he soaps Justin up, Dawson relates the story of his first time tasting cum. It's a nice mentoring moment. Dawson compliments Justin's bubble butt and tells him how he couldn't wait to finish, but was having such a good time fucking him, he didn't want to stop.

Dawson wants a round two in the future and Justin says he would be up for it!

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