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Manplay Xtreme 1

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DescriptionFrom the opening credits, which feature fisting, watersports and heavy-duty dildo action, it's evident that these guys are ready for a sexual adventure par excellence which lasts for 1 hr & 57 min.  Wearing harnesses, leather chaps, cockrings and torn-up blue jeans, hung stud Alexandros, hot muscle stud Leo, and lean, buff Kasey make up the threesome that get things rolling on a set that consists of platforms of different heights.
Alexandros' thick cock is already reaching for the skies, straining to be serviced, and Leo drops to his knees to deep-throat it. Kasey also gets in on the oral action, with both Leo and Alexandros feeding him their cocks while they pinch and pull each other's nipples. Then smooth-skinned bottom Steve and Latino stud Papi join the mix, and before long, Leo is pumping out a load, with the help of Kasey's hand. Papi's dick when it's revealed: trussed up in a cockring-ball-stretcher combo, and then becomes the center of attention, and Papi's pierced nipples get erect as Alexandros and Steve take turns sucking his cock.
Steve then makes use of a huge black dildo, squatting on it as he continues to service Papi's foreskin and cock. This is only the first time Steve's well-trained ass is shown off -- next he bends over to get fucked by Papi's hugely erect dick. A tight foursome develops then, with Steve sucking on Leo's cock and Papi leaning over to suck and bite another Steve, with a blond goatee and closely cropped chest hair. Papi pumps out a big load on Steve's ass while the others watch, then he slaps his dick in the cum and licks it off. Steve's ass, though, is far from left alone -- Alexandros finds a huge ass toy that looks like a bunch of large buttplugs in one, and forces it into Steve's open hole. The camerawork here is amazing, getting in close enough to actually see Steve's sphincter muscle expand to take the toy, then snap shut again. Amazingly, the whole thing, except for the handle, goes in.
Meanwhile, Leo has been fucking with the other Steve, side-by-side with the toy action. Things really get heated then, with all the guys sucking, fucking and fingering assholes at the same time. Goateed Steve then turns the tables, fucking the hell out of Leo as the other stop what they are doing briefly to watch.
Then, it's time for a piss break. But no one leaves the set, they just stay where they are and let it fly, starting with Alexandros, whose arc sprays practically over the whole set. Steve can't resist leaning in for a little taste of it. Then he gets a taste of everyone else's, squatting in the center as they all wet him down. His mouth stays open for a lot if it, too, and he strokes his dick as they do it. Alexandros then lets Steve wet him down with his piss, and before long everyone on the set is wet.
More heavy-duty dildo action comes next, with Alexandros forcing one end of a huge, black double-dildo into Leo, and then sticking the other end into his own ass. We get a tight shot of the double-penetration and Alexandros as he fucks both himself and Leo with it.
Alexandros then takes center stage, letting Papi fuck him with the dildo while the other studs watch and stroke their erections. Then Alexandros stands and Papi shoves the dildo into his ass from below. Alexandros' buff torso, his thick uncut dick and his nicely muscled legs look great while this is going on -- he's a real stud.
A hell of a lot more dildo action follows, with Alexandros still working it, plus Leo getting in on the act. Leo's body is beautiful, very tightly muscled, pale complexion, and with nipples that beg to be licked, nibbled and sucked. They get lots of attention from Alexandros as Leo stands and lowers himself onto the dildo, with Buck holding it in place for him.
Leo, still standing over all the others, then pisses all over Alexandros' face, with Alexandros sucking his dick both before and after. Then Kasey, prone under Leo, sucks Steve's dick as Alexandros fucks him with a black dildo. Kasey shoots a big load, which he licks off his fingers, then he gets between Papi and Leo, and both piss all over his tightly muscle body.
Steve's ass once again is the focus, with Kasey, wearing heavy-duty latex gloves, fisting him while he stands on the platform. Later, Kasey's hand is joined by Alexandros, taking turns fisting Steve. Buck's ass gets worked over at the same time, first with a string of anal beads, then by Leo's dick as he drives it deeply home.
  The mind-blowing finale starts with an amazing daisy-chain: Steve's ass is fisted by Leo, who is getting sucked by goateed Steve, who is rimmed by Alexandros. Steve shoots his load, leans over and eats it, and then kisses Leo. This cum-shot is followed by a huge blast-off from Papi, after having his balls completely encased by Leo's mouth. Leo then blows his load, while goateed Steve fingers his ass.

From GayVideoDad

I have been a big fan of Titan's Manplay series. Titan's philosophy from the start has been "real men, real hot, real sex" by design amateurish videos with the added twist of Titan's high production values. In this first installment of the Xtreme series, we are treated to the same unscripted suck-and-fuckfest of the original series with an added element of "real nasty."
We only get first names of our seven leather studs in the credits, but there are a couple familiar faces in this cast, and they all live up to its Xtreme name by out-pigging each other in this fetish-heavy video. Multiple cameras allow for some clever, but seamless editing and at times, like in the past, a photographer may wander into the shot as our cast "meats" each other for the first time.
Alexandros sports a fat, upturned chubby that brings hottie Buc down to his knees while Kasey sucks on Alexandros' sizeable nipples. There's spitting and chest slapping for Buc and Alexandros as Kasey slurps their monster meat. All the cocks and balls in this video are clean-shaven - if you have even worn a cockring, you know why. Buc gets the honors of blowing a nice load only 12 minutes into the video, but at two hours, this video is just starting to get the groove on.
He may not be the little piggy who goes to market, but Steve certainly goes to town riding an enormous black dildo while sucking on Papi's fat, curtained dark meat. There's plenty of juicy natural sound as Papi plunges into Steve's wet hole and squirts on Steve's smooth white ass. Assplay extremists will enjoy seeing Steve get his ass reamed by a uniquely shaped assplugger.
This is probably one of the "wettest" videos I've seen in a long time, as pissing is probably the biggest fetish here. Steve is a real piss whore, lapping it up and spitting it out as the rest of the guys unleash their golden streams on him. He is definitely not shy about his "beverage of choice." Another brief scene with Alexandros and Buc reveals a chemistry that needs to be further explored on video - hint, hint, hello - is this thing on? Next, you'll be boggled by the logistics of Buc and Alexandros' double-headed dildo session. The slimy two-headed anaconda plays a big part in the next orgy scene.
There's more watersports, but the finale is an ass-stretching orgy that is not for the faint of heart. Steve's butthole is worked over until it blooms into a flaming ring against the pushing of Alexandros and Papi's black latex gloves. There is a lot of grease used in this scene, and if fisting is your thing, you'll want Steve at your next party. I hope we get to see more of Leo, too. I lost track if everyone in the video shoots a load, but fans of this extreme type of action will more than make up for it during viewing.

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