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Original upload: 2012-11-16 |
Uncle Joe & Diego
Running Time : 42.15 min
Category : Mature - Younger
Models : Joe

This slim young stud - Diego - is obviously shy when he meets Uncle Joe for the first time as he remains masked adding a sense of mystery to the proceedings. In his vest and jeans he begins by being kissed passionately by the big be-whiskered Daddy. Uncle Joe is eager to see the young man’s body and he lifts the lad’s vest and then drops his jeans and boxers. Lovers of natural young men will appreciate the beautiful, thick, circumcised cock surrounded by a full set of thick pubic hair and delightful loose hairy balls - this isn’t a lad who ‘trims’. The floppy hair, mask and little beard all add to Diego’s vulnerability as the horny older man explores his body relishing every inch of it. It hardly seems possible but Diego’s thick and erect cock is almost too big for Uncle Joe’s mouth. When he finally gets it all deep down his throat the silver-daddy’s moustache nuzzles into Diego’s curly black pubes as he sniffs the young man’s aromas. Soon Diego plucks up the courage to strip off the silver-daddies clothes and he finds a real man with a big solid belly and a thick cock standing to attention ready for action. While Diego face-fucks his uncle the muscles in his slim and sexy buttocks clench and the horny older man fingers the lad’s crack. The older man seems to get even more turned on when he gets a sight the little trail of black hair leading down the lad’s belly from his navel to join up with his pubic hair….and beyond. Uncle Joe obviously can’t wait to feel his young conquest inside him so he turns round to kneel and offer his ample backside to allow the long throbbing young cock penetrate his experienced fuck-hole ramming into him long and hard. Not wanting to waste a bit of the handsome young stud’s creamy spunk Uncle Joe makes sure that every last drop of Diego’s goes deep down his throat. Definitely an experience to relish again and again as slim youth gives massive pleasure to a big, solid, mature daddy.

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