BCH Oscar [Oscar long blow job session]

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If you are a fan of beefcake Jimmy, you are going to love beefcake Oscar, he reminds me a lot of Jimmy! WOW..after all, our prayers were answered in one way or another lol..
He supposed to meet me at noon but he arrived hours later, “girlfriend issues” lol….but the wait was totally worth it, beefcake Oscar has a beautiful smile, is less talkative than Jimmy but you can tell by his posture that he is a super horny young latin dude from New York, and by his own words he loves to get his dick sucked….what I supposed to do with that information? just to cut the bs chatting and get down on my knees as soon as possible!
After a little rubbing on his pants that cock demanded immediate attention , so I skipped my usual balls licking as starting point! although I gave proper attention to his big hanging balls later. He said that his cock is 8.5? , I would say is 8? but WHO CARES!! is beautiful , slightly curved that fit perfectly in my throat for a deep sucking and I could tell that he LOVES deep throat! Oscar long blow job session didn’t supposed to be that long but he is one of those guys that can control their orgasm, and even he was about to cum a couple of times he made sure to enjoy a long blow session.
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