♺ Hans Ebson fucked by Steve Hurley then Rich Raines

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Back to back scenes from Demolition Daddy.

Demolition Dan (Steve Hurley), is sitting in his construction trailer and working himself into a frenzy. He watches a videotape featuring Gage Blake busying himself. When we get close-up footage of Blake's P.A.'d cock, Hurley nearly explodes with excitement. The closer Hurley gets to orgasm, the more animated he becomes. He grunts and whelps wildly. He is interrupted by a knock at his trailer door. Turns out the hot snack of a paperboy (Hans Ebson) is looking for payment. Hurley drags Ebson into his nest by force, then fucks his head like a maniac. Hurley continues the fun by hungrily gobbling on Ebson's hot ass. Ebson is whimpering all the while, feigning tears, though the rambunctious ass raping hasn't even started yet. Once Hurley starts hammering his substantial cock up Ebson's cute booty, he doesn't hold back a thing. A jackhammer comes to mind. "Yeah - take all of that daddy dick, boy!" Hurley said with a grin. After jacking off fully on Ebson, he flings him out the trailer's front door (half-naked) like a sack of oats. Now the freshly raped Ebson runs up to the front door of a neighboring home to report the incident. Homeowner Rich Raines invites him in but states that he's a doctor and should probably have a look at the "damage." Mmmmm. Within seconds, Raines has his tongue buried up Ebson's boyish butthole. Ebson dutifully gobblingon most of Raines' huge beef hose follows. Things get steamier still as Raines harpoons Ebson's tushy. This scene rocks from start to finish. At least Ebson is shown the way to this front door, rather than being flung from it.

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