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DBB - Noah - Silent Slavery (1-13)

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DescriptionSilent Slavery – Part 1

If you like Logan you are going to love Noah – another 18-year-old blonde twink with an even more athletic build. Noah is strapped, standing, to the steel ladder, his neck collared and chained. Blindfolded and gagged, the boy can’t see a thing and has no idea what is happening to him. Suddenly, he feels cool air on his nipples, as holes are cut over them. Then pain: a clothespin is placed right on his nipple, then another and another and another! Minutes later the bottom half of his shirt is cut away, revealing a beautiful midriff and navel. Then the nipple-pins are yanked off! Oh god, it hurts! “What’s next?” Noah wonders, as something smooth strokes his nipples. It feels like a piece of leather on the end of a stick. Then… Next week: Hard flogging.

Silent Slavery – Part 2

Pretty boy Noah is learning a terrible truth: The younger and more beautiful you are the more you must suffer. And Noah is very young and very beautiful. Jared quite literally tears into the boy’s firm, muscular torso with the flogger, turning his creamy white skin bright red. Noah stares at his tormentor but sees no emotion in the young man’s eyes – just cruelty and lust. Then the flogger hits him again, even harder, the blows coming faster and faster. Finally Jared rips off the boy’s tape gage. “Who are you?” Noah asks. “Please, let me go,” he begs, as Jared reaches into the boy’s underwear and strokes his cock until it gets hard enough to poke out over the elastic band.

Silent Slavery – Part 3

For an 18-year-old barely out of puberty, still hairless, with the innocent face and silky skin of a boy, Noah has a surprisingly broad back and strong shoulders. Jared is merciless with the flogger, whipping the boy’s back hard and fast. Then he pushes down his jeans and underwear, revealing a fine, firm ass. Noah moans in agony as both cheeks are turned bright red by dozens of flogger blows. Then Jared rings both meaty globes with clothespins and leaves the kid to suffer alone overnight. The next day Noah awakens on his back, spread-eagled tight, a leather ball-gag shoved into his mouth. “Oh, god”, he thinks “What’s next?” Next week: Naked.

Silent Slavery – Part 4

If Noah had any doubt that the man torturing him was doing it for sexual pleasure, he doesn’t anymore. Jared rubs the front of Noah’s jeans, then reaches in and grabs the boy’s cock, stroking it. Noah moans involuntarily, half out of fear, half out of pleasure, as his cock thickens. Then Jared rips the boy’s jeans open violently. Noah, gagged and blindfolded, spread-eagled and bound, has no idea what is happening, nor can he ask why. He can just lie there and take it. Next, he feels his left shoe and sock being removed. The soles of his feet are stroked, first with a hand, then with something hard and cool. Then, smack! Oh god, the pain. Next week: Pinned and stretched

Silent Slavery – Part 5

Innocent, young Noah is completely naked and helpless, spread-eagled on his back, blindfolded and alone. Well not completely alone. Jared is always with him, watching his smooth, flawless body tremble and flex, enjoying the look of fear and horror on his boyish face. “Ohhhhh,” Noah moans as he feels Jared’s greasy hand stroke his cock. Then the pain! A clothespin is snapped on his ball sack! “Aghhh!” he screams. Then another and another! It hurts, but the stroking continues and Noah’s cock gets hard despite the pain. Then a pin is snapped onto his erect cock! Then another – and several more. Then one goes right on the tip of his cock! The pain is terrible. Then he feels himself being stretched from all four corners of the table.

Silent Slavery – Part 6

“Why me?” Noah wonders. The answer is simple, boy: Because we want you. We want your youth and innocence. We want your boyish beauty and lean body. We want to feel your skin after it has been warmed by the flogger. We want to force your back to arch because we like seeing your stomach sucked-in extra hard. We want to stretch you to your breaking point because we love the sound of your boyish screams and the look of your athletic body elongated. We keep you blindfolded because we enjoy the shock on your face with each new torture. You see, the younger and more beautiful the boy, the more we want to hurt him. That’s why. Next week: Beat that ass.

Silent Slavery – Part 7

Beautiful teen boy Noah is flipped over onto his stomach, spread-eagled, his ass lifted by the wood platform placed under his waist. His blindfold now gone, the boy squirms and moans, hoping against hope that the worst pain is over. He’s wrong. Jared lays into his ass and back with the flogger. Then he whips the soles of Noah’s feet. Then it gets even worse. Noah feels a cool, viscous liquid greasing up his asshole just before Jared shows him the dildo. It must be ten inches long, tapered like a dagger. “Please…please,” Noah begs, terrified of the thought of being fucked for the first time by something so large and unforgiving. And fucked he is – royally, long and very, very hard.

Silent Slavery – Part 8

Noah is chained by the neck in the corner of the dungeon, completely naked, a leather ball-gag in his mouth. His arms are free, but he can do nothing to free himself from the steel collar and he doesn’t dare touch the gag in his mouth. He tires of his struggles and, without thinking, starts working his cock. Maybe, subconsciously, he knows this is what the men watching him want to see. In minutes, he spews a load of teen-boy cum all over his torso and the mat in front of him. His captor replies by cuffing Noah’s hands behind his back and shoving his cock in Noah’s face. “Nooo,” the poor boy begs, hoping against hope that his sexual violation was over. He is wrong. Very wrong. Such a beautiful boy simply must suck cock – and often. Next week: Can he cum while crucified?

Silent Slavery – Part 9

After spending the night chained in the dungeon, covered in cum, Noah is fed, bathed and given his new “uniform” – a slave’s loincloth. He now enters a new phase of his slavery – endurance testing. Noah is a well built, athletic boy, very strong for his size – the perfect victim for the cross. Jared goes almost wild watching the teenager’s lean stomach suck in hard as he struggles, his armpits deep wells, his chest and lats stretched out of shape. Best of all is the way his cock and balls bounce around under the flimsy loincloth. Noah is quite simply made for the cross. The only thing that would make his crucifixion hotter would be to jerk him off while he hangs there naked – and that’s exactly what Jared does. Next week: Extreme endurance.

Silent Slavery – Part 10

Hours have passed. Noah hangs on the cross, cum hardened on his abs after he was jerked off while crucified, his young muscles screaming in pain. If you have ever dreamed of watching a stunningly perfect young teen, a lean, blonde athlete, suffer on the cross, hour after hour, Noah is your fantasy boy, looking so good, glistening with sweat, near the point of passing out, but still managing to pull himself up and fill his lungs. This is real, long-term suffering endured by a strikingly beautiful boy. Next week: The single-tail whip.

Silent Slavery – Part 11

Today, Noah, still naked, is spread-eagled on his feet, ankles spread, arms overhead, when his captor, Jared, marches in, this time with a short, nasty-looking whip. He wraps it around Noah’s neck and strokes the boy’s body. Noah’s breathing deepens and quickens. Then it begins – two slicing blows to his upper back. “Why are you doing this? Say something!” Noah begs. Jared responds with the whip, slicing the boy with an even nastier blow. Soon, Noah’s muscular back and bulbous ass are covered with a dozen deep, red welts. Then the liquid fire – rubbing alcohol – hits his wounds and the boy screams bloody murder. But Jared is just getting started. Next week: Dick-sucking ‘break’.

Silent Slavery – Part 12

With his back and ass still screaming in pain from the single-tail whip, Noah is lowered to his knees by his silent captor, who then approaches the helpless teen. Jared is now completely naked and working his cock. He grabs Noah’s hair and forces the boy’s mouth on his semi-erect member, then face-fucks the youth, using his hair to force his head back and forth. Finally, Jared yanks his cock free and spews a huge load of cum all over Noah’s chest. “I can go now, right?” Noah begs, but Jared just walks away, still silent. Then Noah is lifted by the winch to his feet and he sees the whip in Jared’s hands again. “No! I blew you! No!” the boy screams as the whip come crashing into his chest. Next week: Ultimate pain.

Silent Slavery – Part 13

Jared really is an insatiable sadist. And the younger, more innocent and more beautiful his victim, the more sadistic his behavior. He continues to lay into Noah with the single-tail whip, leaving the youth’s lean torso criss-crossed with horrible wounds. And if that weren’t bad enough, in between sessions of whipping, Jared mists the boy’s fresh lacerations with pure rubbing alcohol, sending him into screaming spasms of agony. Finally, as the kid hangs from his wrists, pulled taut up onto his toes, moaning in pain, Jared does the unthinkable: He attaches electrodes to the boy’s wrist and ankle and repeatedly shocks him. Next week: Jared gets just what he deserves.
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