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DescriptionA member of the site made the following comment about USA Muscle Videos:

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I certainly concur.

This torrent features three USA Muscle videos recorded in the good old
days of 1998 and 1999 at the NPC Nationals contest, where the amateur
bodybuilding winners become pros. The videos are high quality rips of
the original DVDs.

1998 NPC Nationals Backstage Posing 2-14001      640x480  3652kb/s  1:02:03

Beef up with 30 top lightheavyweight through superheavyweight competitors,
whose sheer size defies description. Vinnie Galanti, Javier Datiz, Matthew
Duvall, Jeremy Freeman, Aaron Maddron, Justin Brooks and tons more beef
pose for you in this video.

1999 NPC Nationals Backstage Posing 2 B-14006    640x480  2011kb/s  1:09:32

Want some serious size? We'll make your screen explode as we bring you the
most impressive heavyweight through superheavyweight competitors in
our private backstage posing area. Competitors show off their prize-winning
physiques, including Vinnie Galanti, Bob Cicherillo, Mat DuVall, Jeramy
Freeman, Justin Brooks, Aaron Maddron and lots more.

1999 NPC Nationals Pumproom 3-13011              640x480  2664kb/s  1:03:30

Get an exclusive backstage pass and enjoy an up-close and personal look at
the athletes as they prepare to take the stage. In this video you'll see
the heavyweight and superheavyweight classes as they pump up, oil down,
and practice posing. Excellent camera work and detailed closeups showcase
the physiques of Bob Cicherillo, Tony Dodd, David Hughes, Doug Jabalee,
King Kamali, Sebastian Zona, Sean Allen, Brian Connell, Mat DuVall,
Jeramy Freeman, Sean Maloney, Aaron Maddron and countless others in these
two classes.

1998 NPC Nationals Backstage Posing 2-14001.mp4 1.58 GB
1999 NPC Nationals Backstage Posing 2 B-14006.mp4 0.98 GB
1999 NPC Nationals Pumproom 3-13011.mp4 1.18 GB

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