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The last in order of release of the Seven Deadly Sins series is "Wrath," a tale told on two continents by two esteemed directors, William Higgins (Wim Hof) handling the Czechs and Doug Jeffries in the United States. It's a tale of military ire, but the release of this sin isn't punishment or blatant anger. Instead, frustration and testiness are worked out through good old-fashioned sex. Like all the other sins in this series, "Wrath" really gets one thinking that sinning ain't so bad if it looks like this.

A commanding officer is given tea and cigars by an underling. The officer is a handsome guy with a bit of shadow and piercing eyes. His underling has a cleft chin highlighting a round young face. The underling blows the commander while the latter smokes happily on his own cigar. Places are switched so the thick cock on the underling can get some wetness thrust on it by the peppy commander. They 69, which is more notable for the positioning than the action and then the commander licks the bulbous adorable ass on his underling, who is perched halfway outside a window. The underling gets fucked with a fine hip swivel and aggressive power from his commander. With speed and determination, the top does his bottom in a few positions before they jack each other off onto the lens of the camera.

The above episode had been related by Kyle Lewis, an ultra-handsome shaved-headed beefcake who owns the bar where the staff is ending up a night. His bar back, Damon Stavros, shows his boss a bit of attitude, and sublimely sexy Alex LeMonde tells everyone a story about respect in his country's military. In this second tale of authority sex, two commanders come into a war room where an orderly is there to help them. Main officer Vilem Cage notices his map is incorrect and bellows loudly. His pal, wearing a monocle of all things, tries to calm him down, but all that really cools him off is a boot rub from his orderly. This gets both officers hard and soon enough the orderly is sucking tall chiseled-cheeked Vilem. The friend, with swooping colored hair, watches anxiously as the beefy orderly licks his boss contentedly. The friend gets in on the act when the orderly takes on Vilem sucking the friend. The skills are fine, but the positions and lighting make them look delicious. Vilem and his orderly 69 while the third watches, jacking off. Vilem gets his hairy butthole licked by his orderly, who gets in there pretty darn deep. The friend is sucked by the orderly next and then Vilem fucks his orderly, with a strong plowing fuck delivered to a muscular bottom who handles it easily. Vilem works up a hell of a sweat fucking him in a few positions, with the friend adding hunky window dressing to the scene. The bottom sucks a cum-shot from the friend and is then jacked off Vilem before Vilem cums on the bottom's foot.

There is still angst at the bar, but Alex soothes it with another story. "Where I'm from, position is everything," he notes, probably in relation to the script, but funny out of context. In this cautionary tale, a sharp-featured lad is cleaning the office from the last scene when he decides to make himself comfortable by puffing on a cigar and pulling out his long cock. In walks a doctor, boyish adorable Pavel Korsakov with perfect hair, who shows anger by putting his hands on his hips. Instead of really being upset, he informs the guy that it's time for his "yearly check-up," and we know that means pants down and ass out. Pavel plays with his charge's hairy ass and actually fucks him with a thermometer. The transgressor is then made to suck Pavel's thick veined cock before they kiss and grope for a while in the video's most tender moment. Pavel blows, licking up and down the cock with a nice sense of pleasure-giving and then it's off to a 69, a mere excuse to show us more of the ass about to be fucked. Pavel fucks, swiveling his hips so you can see his amazingly developed abs gyrate this fuck. He doesn't get in very deep, but he looks exquisite no matter the position, especially when they fuck sideways. Pavel gets his butt eaten and fucked, too. The second top has a stronger force to him, more brutish. They then pull cum from each other onto the camera lens.

Back in the plot, Damon Stavros and Chad Thomas try to leave for the night and demand their tips. Marcus Allen teases them while Kyle and Alex laugh and this pisses Damon off. He has a plan he discussed with Chad before they submit and take off their clothing. Damon, a short brunet, has a wonderful body, and Chad is delightfully fresh. Kyle is all muscle, Chad all charm and Alex is sheer perfection from his hunky face to his bitable thighs. Chad sucks Alex vociferously as Damon wows sucking both Marcus and Kyle to great effect. They face-fuck him ungently, but handles them beautifully, while Chad is slavishly devoted to Alex. When it's rimming time, Chad does Kyle while Damon does Marcus, willful Alex barking out orders. Again, all of the work is utter devotion, with Damon getting in particularly well. Alex, a tie dangling around his neck, occasionally stops long enough for Kyle to blow him, but the rimming is the exciting part and it's given just as much time as the blowjobs. Damon agreeably sucks Kyle while Marcus dives into his ass with a sizeable dick and lots of power. Chad sits on Alex's dick and proceeds to steal the scene. With Alex thrust hard up into him, Chad all but jumps up and down on his dick, enough for Marcus to note how impressive it is from a few feet away. Alex sprays big on Chad and Marcus does the same to Damon. Chad goes next and then Kyle. Damon has an attractive blast last. This being "Wrath," the plot then ends on a slightly pathological note.

Though it's clearly the work of two disparate directors and often jarring because of it, one can't deny the sex in "Wrath" works. I can't say the scenes have as much to do with the actual sin discussed as they do in other titles in the series, but taken on its own, the sex is luscious. Jeffries' finale orgy is especially noteworthy, although Hof keeps his Czech models working efficiently and beautifully during their scenes as well. The lesson learned is that if you piss someone off, I'm-sorry sex will always calm them down.

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