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Dragon Media - Ray Dragon - Dickflix Party (2009)

CategoryDaddies / Sons
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Description“Dickflix Party” (D/G Mutual Media)

Web: http://www.raydragonvideo.com

Director: Ray Dragon ( http://raydragon.com )


Blu Kennedy ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/k/e_stars/Kennedy_Blu )

Brandon Anguilar ( http://www.dudesnude.com/members/407579 )

Bryan Slater ( http://www.BryanSlaterXXX.com )

James Hawke ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/h/a_stars/Hawke_James )

Jay Scorpio

Les Hendrix

Trae Angle

There is a premise here, and it’s good: Bunch of guys get together to watch gay porn and see what happens with each other. The cast is remarkably diverse and very sexy — ranging from the best and busiest redhead ever in gay porn, Blu Kennedy, to the handsomely boyish very dirty yuppie type Les Hendrix, to former preppy-ish and now daddy-ish Brandon Anguilar, to the strictly trade redneck James Hawke, to the angular big-dicked young daddy Bryan Slater, to the seriously hot muscle black man Jay Scorpio, and the mesmerizing youthful black newcomer Trae Angle. With a cast like that, your cock gets hard just reading the credits.

Unfortunately, that’s as hot as it gets. The credits say this movie was made in 2008, which accounts for the fact that Blu is not as buffed as he has appeared in recent website scenes, circa 2010, but that’s not my problem. Rather, it’s that while one would expect Blu to be the center of attention in any scene that he is in (his trademark), and he is here, the rest of the cast, and he, perform as if they had been given sleeping pills before shooting began. That’s a shame, because there are times when it looks like things are going to truly explode — but they fizzle.

Roomies or boyfriends Brandon and Les welcome the guys and the flick that they start watching is Joe Gage’s “Closed Set” (Gage and director Ray Dragon are affiliated). With a sexy Caribbean soundtrack provided by porn star Dred Scott, the action starts with Brandon sucking Les, and Trae moving between Blu and James on the couch, where he takes oral advantage of Blu’s serious honker. Meanwhile, Blu had decided James is his target, and moves down on him, managing to get a kiss in on the way as Jay moves in on Trae’s action, to be soon replaced by Les going down on Blu. Trae comes back and he and Les make a picnic of Blu’s cock before Les moves over to take care of James — and soon Blu shoot his load and hugs James, then leaves — but just for a while.

Brandon moves in on James as Les and Trae switch to Jay, and the doorbell rings, revealing Bryan Slater in a wife-beater. He quickly joins the action, hooking up with Les as James and Brandon go off for a little mano-a-mano, with Brandon going full bore on James’ perfect cock — we get a very brief glimpse of James returning the compliment in the background when the camera returns to focus on the other four. James then busts his nut but hangs around for more, with Blu returning. The action continues in the living room, but what has been a hint throughout now becomes a reality: The objects here are Blu, James and Les, and it’s manifested by Bryan sucking James while and Blu pounce his mouth on Les before Bryan returns to help him. It ends in a slight free-for-all as the ensemble blows a collective load.

The crowd moves in the bedroom where Blu’s fine ass is on display as he kneels on the bed and stuffs his face into the crotch of James, who is seated in a chair besides the bed. It is clear that both of them want to skip and hook up, but Bryan has other ideas, plunging his huge cock into Blu’s grateful butt as Blu is sucking James, then ripping Blu from his meat repast to fuck him missionary. Meanwhile, and for the rest of the flick, James sits (or stands) around and pulls his pud in as disappointing a performance as he has ever given — maybe he was really uncomfortable in the situation, maybe he was getting out of the business, who knows. Meanwhile, Blu gets himself fully fucked, and when Bryan pulls out, Blu slips over to run his hands over the jacking James. Another body fills the fuckee position on the bed — Brandon, who is bent over by Jay. Soon most of the others take a turn, as they do on Les — who looks like he couldn’t wait to get fucked every minute of the flick — and the room is covered in cum, sans Blu and James who were probably getting very acquainted in the shower.

This flick crawls along nicely in beat with the soundtrack, but if you want to fast-forward, forget it, because you will miss some good stuff. There are star turns here by Blu, Les and Bryan, but the spark that could have gotten it going — a nasty all-over-the-place performance from James that is his signature — was woefully missing and brought the thing down a notch for me. It was better on third viewing than second or first, so that’s a plus.
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