Chocolate Cream / B C Productions Collection

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Description--Edited to say: obviously this is huge. I'll just leave it going to critical mass. But you'll have to be patient... 3-4 days, maybe?

Here is a big batch of these films. They range in quality from freaking nerve-wrackingly hot to decidedly meh. But the average is high enough I have this many! They're all converted to mp4 for smooth play.

Sorry for the not-great pics -- I had to just grab them form the web. You get the idea, though.

Please show me some love if you are digging this!


Chocolate Cream_3 The Hard Way_hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_A Fuck Is a Fuck.mp4
Chocolate Cream_A Walk on the Wild Side.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Another Day in Da Hood.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Baby Boi Got Back.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Beat It and Skeet It.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Blind Date_pretty hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Booty Bandit 3_Nov 09.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Booty on Demand (partially raw) (2011).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Bringin Sexxy Back.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Can You Handle It.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Cream of the Crop 4.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Cream of the Crop 6.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Cream of the Crop 7.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Cream.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Cum For Me - cumshot compilation.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Dark Chocolate.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Dixxx Are For Kidd.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Do Not Exit.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Fuck Me Hard.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Gimme What You Got (2009).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Going Deep 1 (2009)_Hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Going Deep 2.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Gotti's Revenge (2009).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Guess Who's Cumming to Dinner.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Hard Times.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Ho-Tail.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Home Alone.mp4
Chocolate Cream_I Think I Can.mp4
Chocolate Cream_It Is What It Is!.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Laid in San Juan.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Legendary Bottoms.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Lil' Homies 2 - Unleashed.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Lil' Homies 3 - Dreamcatcher_hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Never Say Never (2009).mp4
Chocolate Cream_New Kid in the Hood.mp4
Chocolate Cream_On Top of My Game 1.mp4
Chocolate Cream_On Top of My Game 2.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Once Upon A Time in New York 1.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Once Upon A Time in New York 2.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Passion.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Raw 1 (2013).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Raw 2 (2013).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Remy Mars Raw and Reloaded.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Return of Alejandro (2010).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Snake Charmers.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Take It Like It Cums_Hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Takin No Shorts.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Talkin Bout Sex 1 (2009)_Hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Talkin Bout Sex 2 - Straight Fuckin (partially raw) (2011).mp4
Chocolate Cream_The Best of Moyea.mp4
Chocolate Cream_The Best of Stash.mp4
Chocolate Cream_The Best of Thirst (2009).mp4
Chocolate Cream_The Bigger the Better.MP4
Chocolate Cream_The Movers 1.mp4
Chocolate Cream_The Movers 2 (with Derek Jones)_Hot.mp4
Chocolate Cream_There's a First Time For Everything.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Tight Squeeze (2013).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Time to Kill.mp4
Chocolate Cream_To Catch a Thief.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Turned Out 2.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Turned Out 3.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Turned Out 4.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Where My Brothas At.mp4
Chocolate Cream_White Chocolate.mp4
Chocolate Cream_Who Wants Some Dick (2013).mp4
Chocolate Cream_Who's Yo Daddy.mp4
Chocolate Cream_You Got to Lick It B4 You Stick It.mp4
Chocolate Cream_You Know What I Did Last Summer.mp4
Chocolate Cream_You Me and Him.mp4
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