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Drop your draws, grab a handful of hard-on and get ready for Studio 2000?s newest cum-blaster Ace In the Hole: Working Stiff 2. Every Studio 2000 production is reason to rise but Ace In The Hole is doubly dicklicious. You remember that the original Working Stiff starred Studio 2000?s exclusive enticements Ace Hanson and DC Chandler. You also remember that the show ended with Hanson topping Chandler. Well, in Ace In the Hole: Working Stiff 2, these two heroically, handsome heartthrobs rekindle their relationship. Only this time, believe it or not, voracious video-virgin Ace Hanson gives up his astounding ass to donkey-dicked DC in a flip-flop fuck that is nothing short of stratospherically sexual. Director Doug Jeffries captures this erotic event in spooge-saturated detail, which will leave you sticky, spent and smiling.

As if Ace Hanson and DC Chandler were not enough, the remainder of the cast is top of the horny hill. Studio 2000 exclusive, all-American dreamboat Marcus Allen is onboard, cuter than ever, with bush and ball hair intact. New exclusive Rafael Alencar is an exotic, foreign beauty with an uncut crank so long and thick that one can only gasp in wonderment. Hairy, hungry, hottie Tag Adams, blond boytoys Jay Ross and Chip Noll, lusty Luciano Haas and mucho-masculine Arpad Miklos complete the dick-drenched drama.

Ace In The Hole opens as Chandler is dreaming of Hanson. I need to get over this he says. ?I don?t think he is sitting in his office thinking of me. In point of fact, that is just what Hanson is doing. Receptionist Tag Adams walks into boss Hanson?s office to find him tense and cranky. A shoulder massage leads to lots of kissing and pec play with the excitable employee really getting into worshipping his muscle-bound boss. Champion cocksucker Adams deep throats every bit of Hanson?s hose and tongue fucks his deep ditch like one possessed. When Hanson gets aggressive Adams gets even more turned on. Hanson throws Adams on the desk, sucks his dick, then chews, pulls on, and slaps his balls till they glow red. Adams goes back to eating Ace?s asshole then sucking his toes. Hanson wants Adams ass, and soon Ace is taking Tag?s tush in both the missionary and doggie positions. Adams is yelping like crazy, his hard dick bouncing in the air as he is being banged. Hanson just drives his dick deeper. Hanson squirts all over Adams bush and belly and Adams also lets it fly.

Chandler has been listening outside the door and is pissed off. Fortunately, Hanson invites him to dinner to clear the air. In the meantime, in another part of the office, models Rafael Alencar and Luciano Haas are waiting to be interviewed for the Friction lube account, which the office handles. Remember, new Studio 2000 exclusive Rafael Alencar is a hunk to hunger for, a brunet taste-treat with a titanic tool. He also has a large tattoo between his bellybutton and bush. He and Haas kiss and grope, and shortly, Alencar is feeding Haas his enormous erection. He fucks Haas face and Haas does all he can to take the tool. Alencar deep throats Haas curved, uncut cock down to his shaved bush. The new exclusive proves to be quite orally adept as he licks balls and rims rump. On the office couch, he slides his rockhard ramrod deep into Haas hole. Haas later sits down on the big boner and bounces, moaning and groaning all the while. Alencar creams a luscious load and laps it up. Haas, for his part, milks his meat all over the place.

Chandler was supposed to have a meeting at the Friction warehouse, but turns the job over to Marcus Allen so he can go to dinner with Hanson. Allen arrives to find Arpad Miklos, in black leather hood, brandishing a riding crop. He is lording over the helpless leather-jock-strapped blonds Jay Ross and Chip Noll. Miklos has muscles for days, hair in all the right places, and a colossal cock. Noll and Ross are working on Miklos meat like puppies lapping at a bone. Fortunately this bone is big enough for two to feast on. Miklos spots the alluring Allen, stuffs plastic balls in the muffins mouths, and commands Allen to strip and suck his dick. No fool Allen, he does as he is told. Soon, Noll and Ross are frantically feeding on Allen and Miklos. Power-pricked Miklos pounds Ross randy rump across an office cart. Never one to be outdone, Allen screws Noll missionary. The two blondes kiss as they enjoy their partner?s wham-bam bangings. The splash shots are spectacular.

Hanson and Chandler arrive back at Ace?s home after dinner. The tension is palpable. So begins THE scene that is already being called the best of the best. Let us recap. Hanson has the face of a movie star and the body of a Greek god. His ravishing rod is always rigid and his beckoning bubblebutt is breathtaking. Except for a bit of hair in his pits, and an expertly manicured bush, he is totally smooth. If ever there was a physique begging to be worshiped, this is it. Chandler has always been a uniquely mythic presence. He is the quintessential glossy poster-guy for passion with an adorable face, a terrifically toned torso, a beautiful butt, and a King Kong dong. His total versatility makes him all the more desirable. Let?s get on with the action! In the kitchen, their kisses are wet, passionate, and probing. They undress and chew on each other?s pecs. Lots and lots more kissing make it clear that these two mega-stars are totally into each other. Hanson drops to his knees and takes DC?s donkey dong deep into his mouth. He licks the super-fat, uncut shaft and heavy ball-bag. Chandler goes down on Hanson?s hose, licking and sucking the rod while at the same time gazing up at the awesome Ace. Lots of dialogue brings you even closer to the action as Hanson promises Chandler a surprise. Hanson bends over a counter and spreads his hole wide as Chandler licks his bubblebutt and rims his tight hole. Chandler stretches across the kitchen table and Hanson glides his heat-seeking missile all the way into Chandler?s chute in the missionary position. They both appear to be in a perfect place of pure pleasure. In the bedroom, Hanson goes over to the bed and sticks his astounding ass in the air. Chandler, standing, guides his humongous hose up Hanson?s ass and rides him like a stallion in both the missionary and doggie positions. The close-up shots of Chandler?s cock probing deeper and deeper into Hanson?s tight hole will have you gasping with glee. About the time Hanson moans, 'Fuck me harder, baby' you will be stroking your stiffie. This is truly an overdose of magnified, male magnificence. 'I love you?s'are exchanged and they both fire off gobs of guy-goo that would seem to have been saved up for weeks.

Ace Hanson and DC Chandler are two of the most staggeringly stunning sexualists in the jizz biz. Their scene, one for the history books, is simply not to be missed. In Ace In The Hole: Working Stiff 2, Studio 2000 and Director Doug Jeffries have created, for your stroking satisfaction, a dazzling, dick-detonating date with destiny.

Starring Ace Hanson, DC Chandler, Marcus Allen, Rafael Alencar, Tag Adams, Luciano Haas, Chip Noll, Jay Ross and Arpad Miklos.

Directed by Doug Jeffries.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Studio 2000 DVD.

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