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DescriptionThis 2001 film stars Carlo Festa, Zdenek Vesper, Vladimir Gott, Cage Kajc (aka Vilem Cage aka Villem Cage aka Wilem Cage aka Martin Karvina aka Cage Kejc), Pavel Korsakov, Jordi Cosimo, Boris Mateo, Bjorn Bohem (aka Lubo Kurnikov), and Jan Dvorak (aka Pavel Novotny aka Jakub Moltin aka Jaroslav aka Max Orloff).

This film made Carlo Festa -- who also also used the names Carlo Kovarik, Radek, Carlo, Antoine Vega, Kyle, and Samuel Herman -- a major star almost overnight. And just as soon as he appeared, he found a rich American boyfriend...and disappeared.

Somewhat controversial for its theme, the setting is the Czechoslovakia in 1937.  Carlo Festa -- a real-world Czech bodybuilder (so is his brother, who has won major events in Europe) -- makes his gay porn debut as a Boy Scout-type who has sex with handsome Zdenek Vesper after inducing him to play a "Greek gods" game.  There's some foot worship, and Carlo bottoms.  In the controversial second scene, Gott and Kajc are Hitler Youth who encounter Festa in the woods and force him to have sex with them.  Carlo, who has a very thick, uncut cock, has a magnificent cumshot after bottoming for both men.  Carlo next comes upon another scout, Pavel Korsakov, and he bottoms for the hairy Korsakov in the woods.  Carlo returns to the scout hut, where he finds his friends dressing in traditional Scottish outfits.  He has an orgy with Cosimo, Mateo, Bohem, and Dvorak.  Sore from his anal exertions, Carlo mostly watches -- but masturbates his fat prick to another magnificent cumshot.  Some shower scenes follow.

The film is a whopping two hours long!!  There are also about four minutes of outtakes at the end, which include flubbed lines, pissing, and more.

Most of the cast are professional adult film stars, which is unusual for a WH film.  Dvorak/Novotny is the most famous, having worked extensively for Bel Ami.  But so has Mateo, and Korsakov, Vesper, and Kajc, all worked for major American and European adult film studios (and in some very important films).
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