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[TM] Heat: Director's Cut

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DescriptionOkay, I'll admit it - I went into the watching of this film with a bias, since everything Titan puts out is always stellar. Even so, I was blown away by Heat. Not only is it beautiful, erotic and sexy, it also has the distinction of bringing watersports into the mainstream (no pun intended). In a desert landscape seemingly populated only by hunky gay men with three-day growths of beard, Heat packs three hours of pure pleasure.

The film opens with real-life lovers Martinez and Breshnev going at it on a motorcycle. Martinez is an adorable Latin smoothie with a winning smile and a chunky uncut piece. Breshnev is a husky Russian bear whose own tool is no small change. After some serious sucking, rimming and foreskin fun, Breshnev nails Martinez in the shitshooter. Beautiful Czech expatriate Racek takes time off from eavesdropping to join in the fun. A furious three-way ensues, with an explosive climax at the end.

Racek then sets out into the unforgiving desert, but runs out of gas. Luckily, furry stud Steele is waiting for him with some cold water and hot manspunk. Racek wraps his luscious Euro-lips around Steele’s fat tool and sucks away. Steele returns the favor, then jerks Racek off - the manspunk ends up all over Steele’s huge, furry chest. But just when you think it’s safe to wander back into the desert, the two decide to go beyond third base and try for the home run. Steele slams Racek’s bum, and then treats him to a delicious penis sandwich during a lengthy face-fuck. Steele then proceeds to lovingly lap at his little buddy’s hairy mangina, before pounding it to high heaven. Steele rewards Racek for his submissive behavior by spraying his fuckjuice all over Racek’s face, neck and chest, and then licking up every drop. By this point, you’ll be worked up into a froth, but there’s more!

The second part begins with swarthy studs Patton and Vincenzo getting amorous by a roaring fire. Before you can say "Ride my face like a bronco!" Patton is on top of Vincenzo, force-feeding him his fatty. They’re soon joined by Harper, at his scruffy, unshaven best. So, what are three horny guys going to do out there in the middle of the desert? Get it on, of course! What follows can only be described as a small orgy, with cocks, mouths and butts filling the screen. The boys eventually fall asleep, but at the crack of dawn, their own cracks become breakfast.

All you piggies out there take note: This is where things get really interesting.

Up until this point, the film is pretty vanilla, but Branch puts a stop to that. When he stumbles upon three guys (Gear, Nicaste and Galt) sleeping in his space, he gruffly orders them to do his bidding. Bald-pated Gear drops to his knees and begins slobbering and slurping on Branch’s branch like it’s his last meal. In the meantime, Galt’s mouth becomes a willing receptacle for Nicaste’s big slab. After some dirty talk, spitting and butt-spelunking, things take a wetter turn.

It may not rain much in the desert, but you’d never know it from all the golden showers in the next scene. With Gear on his knees, Branch lets loose a steady stream of liquid waste matter all over Gear’s head and body. At one point, Gear gets it in the mouth and spits it out (is it healthy to drink pee?). Branch, obviously worked into a lather from all that urination, forcefully fucks Galt and Gear, before more watery fun commences. Nicaste is laid on his back upon a rubber sheet, and Galt and Gear proceed to cover him neck to butt in their steaming manpiss. Branch then uses the better part of a hand to open up Nicaste’s butthole.

What happens next is not for the faint of heart: Branch aims his willy at Nicaste’s wide-open bung and lets loose a hot, steady stream right into it! As if that weren’t enough, Nicaste then shoots the pee out of his butt all over Gear! Whew! Another power fuck ensues, climaxing with Branch coming, and then peeing immediately afterwards. They must have had a large Gatorade budget to provide the ammunition for all that pee.

Kudos to Titan for creating yet another porn masterpiece. If you miss this, you’re missing out on one of the greatest gay adult films ever released. Get it.

Cast:  Chris Steele, Victor Racek, Blake Harper, Lance Gear, Jason Branch, Michael Vincenzo, Nick Nicaste, Yuri Breshnev, Alec Martinez, Brice Patton, Jon Galt

Director:  Bruce Cam
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