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Sean Cody - Jarek & Brice [SC1401]

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“I may be the bottom here but I’m in charge.”

Brice was feeling very confident and very happy. Both he and Jarek seemed to be in a very good mood.

Jarek was teasing Brice about being ticklish. Brice swore up and down that he is not ticklish at all!

So, in order to prove his point, Jarek started at Brice’s nipples and then worked his way down, but he didn’t find any ticklish spots.

Brice gave a hint or two at where his “spot” might be. Jarek worked his way up to Brice’s ear, and there it was! He started softly blowing and within a few seconds Brice went from bashful laughing, to slow deep breathing, to completely horny (with a rock-hard dick to prove it!).

Brice said he hadn’t been fucked in about two weeks and he was ready. His dick was at full mast as Jarek went in.

After they were both spent, our team had a surprise.

It was Brice’s twentieth birthday!

“Oh my god… I have cum all over me,” Brice said as we sang “Happy Birthday.”

“Well now you have cum and a birthday cake!”

“I just got fucked and I get birthday cake,” he said. You could tell he was happy!

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