♺ Sucking Strangers up the Woods

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-06-23 |
Sucking Strangers up the Woods
This video was made last year on a grey October afternoon....had a "Fuck Me Raw" sign on my back for the 1st time trying it out....Ther first guy to approach me obviously can't read lol (as he fucks me safe!.....i do wish they wouldn't!)....but then after a short wait with my butt hanging out, i'm satisfied with 2nd best - a good sucking session as one after the other, a bunch of guys turn up to be sucked, and do some sucking....so no raw fucking here in the end, despite my sign!....but at least 5,6 or is it 7 cocks to suck in the end lol....the last guy in the vid wanted to suck me off to completion off cam...he was so cute i happily obliged and turned the camera off, so sorry all for the abrupt end to the clip, but hey it is real life after all lol.....and he was soooo hot! ;)
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