BCH Prince [Blowing Prince from New Jersey]

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DescriptionBeefcake Prince is a hottie from New Jersey, who works as a painter in the construction sector. Working in construction has been a little slow these weeks, and Prince needed some extra income. This was actually our second attempt to make this video, the first time we met, he was very nervous and he wasn’t able to show his “goods” on camera. I got very frustrated, because he is a very cute guy, plus, he has a big cock! I decided to forget about it, and move on, but he insisted that we should try again, and I am so glad we did! I rented a hotel, and I brought with me my old pussy-porn video, which I’ve had, from the beginning of what we call the “BeefCakeHunter adventures”, however, the DVD player didn’t work! So now, I was able to get Prince more relaxed, but I didn’t have the “aid” for the current situation, he was happy enough to watch some porn on his phone while getting serviced. We started talking about his past relationships, and how he looks younger than a 29-year-old. Beefcake Prince seems to be mature about love stuff, he still is a little nervous in this shooting, but I made him laugh at some instances. It was funny when suddenly, I was within the “ugly girls” group, when he said he only practices doggy-style with them lol. Well then, I will make him fuck me in missionary position! Lol, no just kidding, I don’t think he would be willing to fuck a guy in any position, but let’s wait, everything is possible! I would love for that to happen, it would be a challenge I am willing to take hmm… Good thing is that his phone died around 20 minutes into the pussy-porn video, so he didn’t have another option, but to focus on my lips working his big cock head lol. Honestly, I thought I would lose him at that point but no, he was already in the zone, and big time. His cock stayed rock hard and the moaning became louder, a very fast and steady handjob finished him off by squeezing a big load of cum, that I was hungry to taste. Blowing Prince from New Jersey was great! I hope you guys like him, and hopefully we will get him back for more!
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