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Gay Wrestling Rob Chandler vs Ashley Ryder

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DescriptionAshley Ryder, star of stage, screen, dance pole, and, in the last couple of years, wrestling mat, recently debuted at BG East in a playful and drolly titillating motel match against Vernando. So, back by popular demand, facing Rob Chandler this time, Ryder returns to the motel mattresses - and in time to model the latest London fashion in wrestling gear. He starts off in a white and black translucent mesh singlet that silkily clings to his pale taut body, barely concealing a black thong underneath. In skimpier (but more opaque), silver-sheen briefs, highlighting a codpiece of rhino proportions, Chandler has little difficulty dominating the puckish Ryder at first. But Ryder, like some flashlights, seems friction-charged, gaining energy and aggressiveness the longer he rubs up against hard, manly muscle and hot gear. In time - well, in no time flat - frisky sockboy Ashley starts calling the shots, persuading Chandler to play the game he introduced to BGE fans in his match versus Vernando: in which the competitors try to snatch off each other's socks.

It's a cute enough game - boyishly innocent sock-play - and experienced Ashley easily wins both rounds, and though Rob plays along, he clearly wants to get into more than just Ashley's socks! He dives at Ryder, turned on by the young man's spritely and seductive charm and anxious to teach him what "real wrestling" BG East London-style is all about. Some unnecessary roughness leads Ashley to call Rob a "sore loser" - though from the way things look where we are sitting, "soreness" may be less an issue than blue balls.

When Rob snags Ashley in a bodyscissors, he fondles the pert pretty boy's junk while his face is drawn up close to Ashley's leering face - like two young lovers on a Hollywood poster. Chandler can't wipe the smile off his face, riding Ryder between his strong thighs. The instantly likeable lad with curly hair pants after so much exertion and purrs, "Do you want to fight to the end?" Not having to be asked twice, Rob straddles Ashley's chest, pressing his opponent's wrists to the mattress in a bully boy pin. His semi-firm cock, newly liberated from Rob's snap-pouch codpiece, angles over Ryder's lower lip, and Ryder asks, coyly, all innocence, "So what happens when I lose?"Ashley Ryder has an almost Shakespearian knack for double entendres - but he's most amazing in his timing, for instance, the slight hesitation and shy glance upwards just before he swallows Rob Chandler's meaty cock. It's worth a mention that this video gets hot and heavy early on, beginning at the point where most sex fights fade to black. Much credit to Ashley Ryder, sexually fearless and exuding naughtiness, elegance, and wholesomeness in equal measure, throughout.

But much credit, also, to tough Rob Chandler - full of horny lust, aggressiveness, and playful enthusiasm, every cell of his body practically screaming the fact that he wants to eat this boy alive - to say nothing of the man's beautiful lean tattooed physique. By the way, by the time his mouth is being stuffed with Rob's shiny codpiece, Ryder is stripped of his singlet, wearing only a black thong, which tantalizinly laces up the front. I mean, this is supposed to be about the gear, right?

The combination of a headscissors and a blowjob may upset some wrestling purists. But BG East's UK series has always stood out, even among our other products, for its combination of unflinching eroticism - even more daring, its sweet romanticism - and intense, feisty, and punishingly creative wrestling action.

Ashley Ryder is not just another preening pretty boy. He ekes out more than one convincing and grueling submission from the physically imposing and aggressive sadist Rob Chandler. The two of them together exude both the chemistry we associate with a good wrestling angle but also the chemistry we associate with romantic comedy. After watching this match, in particular, with its startling but entirely natural juxtapositions of fucking and tussling, we now find it difficult to imagine a headscissors without a blowjob.Dare we say it? Okay, we dare. Gear Wars 3: UK Kink has the finest blowjob ever captured on film. Its almost seamless integration with real grappling - with brutal chokeholds and painful chicken wings - is really what makes it outstanding. Roughhouse and sex-play constantly intrude on each other. They want to dominate each other, they want to possess each other. Sex, it turns out, is the ideal break from the monotony of submission wrestling - and vice versa. Ashley's charisma transcends categorization. He brings delicacy and unaffectedness to a unique brand of masculinity - that nevertheless cannot (under any circumstances) be construed as anything but masculine. Androgyny has only little if anything to do with his allure. He holds his own - butch-wise - against a tough skinhead like Chandler - as a fighter and as a lover. His performance here is courageous and forthright. It is also nuanced and sophisticated. The man is a star.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have no one "house style". We celebrate the varied desires and interests of a gay male audience - but we do not assume that this audience is homogeneous. Our series - from Fantasymen to Matmen and from Ringwars to X-Fights - reflect the wide diversity of tastes in even such a focused audience as "gay male wrestling" This exciting match is a high point, and we are proud of it - both as a work of erotica and as a celebration of the joys of wrestling. With it we prove, demonstrably, that BG East remains on the cutting edge of wrestling and kink, and continues to lead the way.

Finally, this is not the first time these two have met. Oh no. In fact this encounter marks the occasion of a long-anticipated grudge match. Ashley Ryder is the popular host of a monthly Wrestling Night at a gay club in London's Soho. One of his first opponents was Rob Chandler. The match got so intense and so rough that Rob limped away with a broken leg. Accidents do happen, of course. This is wrestling, not badminton. But nonetheless, there is some lingering resentment and accusations from both sides. When BG East proposed a private 'friendly' rematch, neither hesitated to sign on the dotted line.
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