PS: Only For Big Craving [Edited] - HEVC (1080p)

Daddies / Sons
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Title: Only for Big Craving
Duration: 01:40:46
Date Release: 2021-11-23

Editor's Note: This film contains one bareback scene out of four in its entirety. I placed this in the "Daddies & Sons" category, but it's a whole mixture of things quite honestly.  Diversity rules in this case. So, that's my final answer: Diverse.

Synopsis: Julian Knowles is on the prowl in Only for Big Craving for a big cock and Chad Stone happens to have what he needs. He starts grinding his cock against Julian's ass and we can tell through his jeans that he is well endowed. James Stevens is preparing his playroom when he hears a knock at the door. Jay Donahue is a little nervous when he enters, but James takes control and starts by kissing and groping him. Jay is eager to please his senior as he sucks his big long cock. Sean Harding enters the locker room and as he gets ready to put on his Jock Strap, Mateo Fernandez walks in and starts undressing. When he reveals his massive cock, Sean cannot help but be surprised and excited. Rafael Cruz is in the workroom when Cesar Rossi walks in. They share a little talk but Rafael decides to strip down and throw his uniform into the wash. Cesar is staring at his fat cock hanging between his legs. He drops to his knees and starts sucking it and we get to see it grow to its full uncut length.

Performers: Chad Stone, Sean Harding, Jay Donahue, Mateo Fernandez, Chad Stone, James Stevens, Julian Knowles, Cesar Rossi, Rafael Cruz

Director: Gio Caruso

Studio: Pride Studios

Genres: Adult Gay, All Sex, Anal, Bareback, Beards, Big Cocks, Condoms, Cumshots, Daddies, Gay, Hairy, Horse Hung, Hunks, Interracial, Jackoff, Kissing, Latino, Masturbation, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, One on One, Oral, Piercings, Raw, Rimming, Safe Sex, Tattoos, Uncut

**This file has been edited when converting individual files from h.264 mp4 to HEVC h.265. Please note that editing is something that I flirt with and I do not take seriously as I consider it a hobby.

Editing Includes:

- Cover Poster (Intro and End)
- Title Openers per scene
- Increased Sound Quality
- Trimmed down individual files
- Transitions (Fade Ins/Fade Outs - audio and visual)
- Performer/Director Ending Credits
- Pride Studios Closer
- Music Audio: Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

File Name  Only For Big Craving (2021).mp4
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Subtitle Stream Count  0
Video Stream1 
Video Encode  HEVC
Video BitRate  4732.0kbps
Resolution  1920*1080
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Frame Rate  30.000 fps
Audio Stream1 
Audio Language  English-Advanced Audio Codec
Audio Encode01  AAC
Audio BitRate  192.0kbps
Audio Channel  2
Audio Sample Rate  44.0KHz
2021-11-26 17:42:27
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