♺ Studio 2000 Int - The Family Jewels (2003)

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In The Family Jewels, written, produced and directed by sexy Roland Dane of in-front-of-the-camera fame, STUDIO 2000 breaks open the stash and unleashes a bevy of big studs! Every man loves the feel of a hand on his family jewels, but when he feels his prize possession is threatened, there's hell to pay. They may not be glass cutters, but these dudes' rods are definitely hard enough to drill deep.

STUDIO 2000 exclusive Rafael Carreras is joined by Atilla Hun, a thickly muscled stud with a cock to match, Giovanni Floretto who has a chiseled face and a beautiful butt to match, short and sexy Daniel Halasz, take-it-to-the-max Maxim Ivanov, sexy stud Lajos Bekefi, hot and humpable Gabor Hunter, handsome and hairy-chest Dom Camillo, beautiful brunet bottom Peter Balogh, big-dicked blond boy Adam Longo and smooth stallion Peter Bizanci.

While visiting on business, Carreras trusts Hun to keep his family jewels safe, and when they're stolen Hun is simply beside himself--so much so that he can only find relief in the arms and ass of Gabor Hunter. Hunter goes down to suck Hun's cock, and Hun turns Hunter around, spreads his cheeks and tongues his hole. Hunter's pretty pucker winks at the camera just as beautifully as his big green eyes. Hun prods Hunter with a couple of fingers to loosen him up and then stuffs his thick rod up Hunter's butt. There are lots of hot shots of the penetrating in and out action. After fucking him in several positions, Hun throws his own legs way over his head and lets Hunter fuck him upside down before they both shoot their hot, sticky loads.

In the next scene, Dom Camillo, the sexy thief who got away, sells shop owner Giovanni Floretto the hot rocks, but Floretto is more interested in Camillo's hot cock. And who can blame him? Camillo has a handsome face and a strong, hairy chest that would make it hard for anyone to resist his charms. Before you can blink, they're both naked and Floretto is up on the desk with his ass in the air. Camillo fingers Floretto's hole before stuffing his cock in his safety deposit box. Floretto's physique is smooth and sculpted and his delectable ass looks terrific as his hole gets humped. Foreskin fans will really love seeing Floretto's knob stay covered by its hood--even when he's fully hard and coming.

After fucking Floretto, Camillo joins Adam Longo and Peter Bizanci in a pub, then leaves the two friends to get frisky with bartender Peter Balogh. Balogh and Bizanci are both smooth, sexy brunets, while Longo is blond and somewhat fuzzy. Balogh's eyes scream "Fuck me! Please!" and Bizanci and Longo are more than happy to oblige. There's lots of hot cock-sucking all around, ending up with the two brunets baring their beautiful behinds to the camera's view and blondies manipulations. Longo fingers the two holes, then bends Balogh and Bizanci over the table and fucks both of them with his big, throbbing cock, going back and forth between the juicy holes. There are great shots of the action as Longo's hairy ass pumps his thick tube up their chutes. There are few things quite as lovely as the sight of a plump cock and balls dangling between a pair of spread thighs while a hard cock slides in and out of a hot, juicy hole! As if that weren't enough, the camera gives it to us all at once in the next shot with Longo fucking Bizanci while he fucks Balogh. Finally, Longo fucks Balogh again (talk about an insatiable bottom!) until they all shoot their loads.

Meanwhile, policemen Daniel Halasz and Lajos Bekefi inform Hun that Camillo has been arrested and the stolen jewels have been recovered. Hun offers to show his appreciation by sucking the cops' cocks. Of course, his show of appreciation wouldn't be complete if he didn't offer up his ass. After fucking him the cops take turns sucking Hun's cock until they all jerk their way to climax.

In the final scene we find Carreras in bed with Maxim Ivanov, a young stud with light brown hair, a tight body and a hard, upstanding cock. They talk for a minute then get down to some serious licking, kissing, dick sucking, ass tonguing and fucking. Ivanov has a beautiful brown bunghole, and he is actually eager to take all of Carreras' colossal cock up his butt. He even stays hard the entire time--although the look on his face shows that it takes some effort at first. Carerras fucks like a man possessed, and there are great shots of the action from several angles. The shots of Ivanov lying helplessly on his back with his arms and legs spread wide while he's being fucked are very hot. It's also a super-hot shot when Ivanov sits on Rafael's rod and takes it almost to the root all at once. Again, his face shows the effect, but his rock-hard cock shows the pleasure. The Family Jewels is a priceless package of what STUDIO 2000 has come to be known for: an intriguing story, fantastic sex and, of course, beautiful men. Besides the incredible Rafael Carreras, Hungarians Atilla Hun, Giovanni Floretto, Peter Balogh, Daniel Halasz and Maxim Ivanov provide viewers with an incredible visual thrill, and Dom Camillo steals hearts as well as ass. The only thing better than getting your hands on your own family jewels is getting them on ours!
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