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Kangaroo Valley -- how much more Down Under could a place sound? I mean, was Koala Korners unavailable? This beautiful and verdant place provides scenery that is almost as eye-catching as the gorgeous Australian men here. Dialogue is kept to a bare minimum, director Mike Esser instead using visuals to tell the story, and his carefully selected framing and multiple angles are, in a word, stunning. Each scene making the most of the eager and versatile men, using inventive combinations that segue from one to the next smoothly.

The opener is a tip of the hat to "Brokeback Mountain." Andy McKay and Marc Armon provide much more carnal interaction in the outback than we got on the big screen, although the fucking position is the same (that's doggy-style, in case you were wondering). While Marc pounds his thick, tapered cock into Andy's bubble-butt, another, Billy Rawson, moseys up and sticks his cock into Andrew's mouth. Then Billy gets fucked by both Andrew and Marc (and it makes you wonder what a three-way with Heath, Jake, and, oh, say, Colin Farrell would have added to the other movie), and all three dudes' loads end up on Billy in the finale.

As Billy heads back to a big ranch house to shower off the cum, Kristian Winters is sucking off his horny boyfriend (an uncredited performance). Their hot interaction takes them to a balcony off the bedroom, where Kristian's huge cock invades his lover's ass from behind. Billy sees the two as they fuck, and then joins them in the bedroom, where he once again takes the role of hungry bottom, serving as the middle of a three-way suck session and later, Kristian's fuck pole. After topping these two gorgeous studs, Kristian's cum-shot is massive, a stream that drenches Billy's back and butt in the finale (and now, Billy has to wash the cum from the back side of his body).

The next scenes star leanly built, gorgeous blond stud Rick Chester. In the first, Rick can't help but notice that Latin hunk Martin Mazza is taking a shower with a raging erection, and it isn't long before there are two men with raging erections in the shower. Martin eats out Rick's furry ass in a
hot foreplay sequence, and Rick ups the ante by sucking Martin's dick and eating his ass before he bends him over for a long, hard fuck. There's a gorgeous shot of Rick's ridged abs in the next part of the scene, captured from above as he slides into Martin's ass missionary-style. Then the two hunks move just outside the bathroom and fuck on the grass until Martin loses it.

But talk about timing. Rick still hasn't blown his load when another cutie, Luke Watts, walks up and announces that now it's his turn. Martin makes his exit, and then Rick bends Luke over, rims and fingers his ass, and fucks him. Rick and Luke move back inside the bathroom and Luke rides Rick's cock
while his rock-hard erection dances and bobs with each movement of his hips. Rick finishes Luke off with a hot blowjob, fingering the dude's ass while he sucks his cock to an orgasm that creams Rick's smooth pecs and abs. Rick follows that with his own load, big dollops of cream that he licks from his
fingers as the scene fades.

Rick's next scene begins with a dream (and a music video of sorts) about hunky Andy from the first scene. Naked, asleep, and humping the mattress with a raging erection, Rick's fantasy becomes reality when he wakes up and hears Andy chopping wood outside (Dear Dr. Freud ... ). Rick strokes his hardon while he watches Andy at work, and when Andy notices he has an audience, he makes the performance even better unzipping his work pants and releasing his own hard dick. Andy quickly reaches orgasm, and heads for the house. When Andy walks up to join Rick, his cock leads the way, still hard and pointing for the skies, one of the most memorable views in the entire production. Rick welcomes Andy with a blistering suck, followed by a 69 that has Rick eating Andy's ass while Andy deep-throats Rick. In a sequence that recalls Rick's earlier match-up with Luke, Andy sits on Rick and rides his cock (while wearing his cowboy hat) like a bronco buster, his hard dick bobbing in front with each bounce. The fucking then moves to a scissor position, and then missionary, with many hot kisses adding to the heat until the finale, in which Andy delivers a huge, wet load while Rick is still fucking him. Rick then pulls out and his cock erupts with big spurts of jism. The scene ends with one last kiss as the cum drips off Andy's body.

The finale is a four-way orgy, and the combinations are dizzying. First, Martin and the uncredited stud from the second scene, who eats his ass and fucks him in a scene that races to the finish line. They are then joined by Luke and Andy. At first, they pair off into duo action, but the scene really
takes off when the four get together. Daisy-chain sucking is only the beginning of this heavy-duty all-oral scene, which has every guy in the group showing off excellent skills. Luke, Andy, and Martin line up and deliver the highlight of the scene, near-simultaneous pop-shots that land on their buddy at the end.

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***


(Alpha Male Home Entertainment - Arena Entertainment)

Web: hxxp://www.AlphaMales.com

Director: Mike Esser


Andrew McKay
Martin Mazza
Andy Stone
Marc Armon
Billy Rawson
Luke Watts
Kristian Winters
Rick Chester


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