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AAH - Lance Corporal Terrance & Staff Sergeant John (anal)
Wow, Lance Corporal Terrance and Staff Sergeant John go at it again but this time they both go all the way. This duo has been the most interactive one yet. These two clicked from the first time they met. While these two were chatting it up, their cocks were rising up from the excitement. Once they were nice and ready John happily goes down on Terrance's nice uncut tool. More comfortable than before Terrance just slid back and forth out of the best pair of lips he has ever had. John pulls back the foreskin, and plays with it a bit. Then, John gives the Lance Corporal tons of slobber and suction. Not being able to stand it any longer, the sergeant lifts himself over the corporal and slides right onto the stiff intruder. Switching to doggy style, Terrance drills into John like there was no tomorrow, making John moan in ecstasy and turning him raw. After what seem liked the best fuck of his life, Terrance pulled out and quickly let go over John's face. Shooting a giant load clear across the face of the sergeant, Terrance gave him a nice creamy milk mustache. He even got to land some of that warm, juicy, cream in John's mouth and once again leaving a translucent trail of pearls on the sheets.

AAH - Lifeguard Tommy gives His first blowjob to Private Antonio (oral)
Tommy was feeling pretty shy when we last saw him. The sexy blonde lifeguard showed us what he can do with his hands. Today, he's here to have another adventure. Antonio is here to help out. First, Tommy is going to demonstrate his lifesaving abilities. He has Antonio lay down before giving him a physical examination. Starting at the ankles, he checks for broken bones and other damage. All the grabbing and probing has gotten Antonio turned on and he decides to let Tommy know. Tommy plays along and checks what's going on below the belt. When he moves the pants away, he notices the swelling in Antonio's penis. He checks the pulse with his mouth, getting his first taste of dick ever. It's clear that Tommy has wanted to do this his entire life as he savors the flavor of the uncut meat stick. Antonio moans as the young guy slathers his cock with spit, enjoying the warm velvet sensation. Antonio is eager to taste what fresh lifeguard meat tastes like and pulls Tommy's blue nylon shorts down. An already stiff pink penis pops out, which is immediately engulfed in the bearded soldier's mouth. Tommy lays back while his mind and cock get blown by Antonio's oral skills. The two swap blow jobs back and forth until Tommy is to the brink. He blows a wad onto his own stomach with Antonio's face nestled nearby. A few minutes later, Antonio stands and glazes Tommy's face with what seems like a gallon a pearlescent semen.

AAH - Navy Corpsman Logan fucks Lifeguard Tommy (anal)
Strapping Logan is giving Tommy some pointers on working out. He's putting the young lifeguard through some pretty rigorous trials. Then he decides to get a little workout himself. After doing some squats with his blonde counterpart on his back, Logan is getting a little warm. He strips off his blouse and t-shirt while Tommy checks out his massive pecs, rippled abs and bulging biceps. After a quick compliment, Tommy has his Navy buddy sit back while he unzips his pants and gobbles his firm, pink penis. Tommy's perky dick sucking lips wrap tightly around Logan's cock while the Navy Corpsman leans back with one arm behind his head. Still fully clothed, Tommy seems to be really enjoying servicing his studly partner, slurping and slobbering and licking away. Finally, he strips completely naked while Logan strokes his dick and nods approvingly at his slim, nubile body and pale tattooed skin. Logan stands and shoves his buddy onto all fours before burying his face deep in the perfectly curved ass of the lifeguard. As Logan munches on the pink hole, he spits on it while gripping the roundness of the peach fuzz covered mounds and stroking his stiff cock. Logan stands and spits one last time into Tommy's crack before jamming his bone deep into the slim blonde. As Logan slams his thick pelvic bush against Tommy's white ass, Tommy grimaces and moans. Now riding it cowboy style, Tommy bounces on the giant meat stick while gripping his own junk. Tommy stands, bending over to get his ass railed even deeper, reaching back to pull his stud closer inside. Logan pounds until he's ready to bust, shoving Tommy to the ground and resting a boot on his chest. Squirting a thick load over Tommy's face, Logan grunts loudly. A few seconds later, Tommy squirts his juice onto his taut stomach while Logan licks that last few drops of his own cum off his fingers.

AAH - Private Aidyn, Officer Christian & Staff Sergeant John (anal)
A special end of the year treat for the loyal All-American Heroes fans. We bring 3 of our most popular heroes together for a banging good time! We've seen Aidyn fuck Christian. And we've seen John fuck Christian. But this time we turn the tables on the seargent. He ends up getting tag-teamed by the cop and his fellow soldier. Starting out with a threeway suck fest, these boys get chummy with each others' cocks and mouths. After a good long suck job with lots of slobber and throat fucking, we see Christian and John do a 69 while Aidyn strokes his super thick cock. Then it's time for John to get his ass reamed by Officer Christian. Christian gives him some of his own medicine after having John fuck him previously. Once Christian has had his way with the seargent, it's Aidyn's turn. He starts pumping his fellow marine, while John happily slurps away on Christian's hard cock. After and a long and what looks like a painful fuck, Aidyn and Christian cover John's face with a sticky white coating. John is so turned on, he cums all over his own stomach.

AAH - Private Tyler Fucks Corporal Anderson (anal)
Anderson is teaching Tyler some basic evasive moves for hand-to-hand combat. Tyler looks bigger and stronger, but Anderson takes him down several times. Tyler has a move of his own, throwing Anderson onto his back with his face in his crotch. He skillfully unbuckles Anderson's belt before diving in face first for some military cocksucking. The slim corporal has a surprise for Tyler, who is unwrapping a sizable piece of meat. Anderson doesn't want to miss out on oral exercises and offers to give his buddy some head. With Tyler's stiff cock in his face, Anderson swallows it whole while whacking his own. The corporal is greedy and wants the thick cock somewhere besides his mouth. As Tyler reclines, Anderson straddles him, easing the wooden dong deep into his man cavern. As his slim body is split in two by the Private's thick cock, Anderson moans softly at first, then louder as the pace quickens. Anderson bounces on it for a good long time before hopping on all fours with his ass offered up from behind. Tyler happily glides his hard-on into the waiting sphincter as Anderson groans as his needy rectum is sated. Tyler wants to see the face of his comrade as he drills his hole. So he flips Anderson onto his back for a more romantic ass jamming face to face. Anderson has had his fill of deep penetration, just in time for Tyler to bust. He rips his dick out of the slight corporals tight ass and jams it in his face. Anderson manages to capture most of the thick cream in his mouth as more of it dribbles down his chin, slurping a few remaining drops for the pink piss slit.

AAH - Sergant Miles and His Bag of Toys (solo)
Miles has new adventures to tell us about from when he was in the Army. Once he and a group of friends were snowboarding in the Austrian alps and started to drink a little. Apparently things got a little crazy because Miles woke up 4 days later under a bridge in Luxembourg. It's easy to tell this man loves adventure. He's rugged, built, and handsome. He smiles frequently while telling his story. Now that he's had some experience with men, Miles has been having more adventures in the bedroom. Today he's going to be stretching his hole, trying to fit even larger objects through his sphincter. First, Miles is going for a little stroking to get in the mood to have his ass opened up. He pulls down his pants and his pink soldier is at full attention. He grabs the massive stick and massages it with his tattooed fingers. After a few minutes, he reaches into his bag and brings out a purple 5 inch vibrator. He easily guides this into his crack in just a few seconds. As he rams it into his hole, he smiles and groans, happy to be penetrated again after such a long wait. Now that he's opened up a little, it's time to upgrade to the next toy in his bag. He lubes a blue eight inch dong and shoves it into his ass, grunting as it spreads his inner space. Managing to stuff it all the way to the base and groaning loudly as his prostate is obliterated from the rapid thrusts, he's ready for his final challenge. From his bag he pulls a black, twelve inch dildo, which his grip is not able to complete the circumference. Lubing it up, he takes a deep breath before wedging it between his boot and anal cavity. He eases backward, trying to get his asshole open enough to at least get the tip in. Screaming as his guts are split open by his rubber friend, Miles grimaces while trying to meet the challenge. Reaching back to spread his cheeks, he screams, 'Ahhhh, fuck!' as it finally slides in. Once his guts are scrambled from everything he smashed into his ass, Miles sits back and strokes until his cock explodes, a giant fountain of jizz spraying upward and landing on his shoulder.

AAH - Sergeant Brent & Petty Officer Tanner (anal)
When All-American Heroes turned on the video for these guys to watch, Brent wanted nothing to do with Tanner, but the sailor was determined to get into the Marine's pants. He reached over while Brent wasn't looking and started to caress the tattooed stud's arms and legs. Tanner was determined to reach his goal and slowly explored under Brent's pants to see what was going on down there. After a mild protest, Brent let's Tanner go about his business.

AAH - Sergeant Brent & Staff Sergeant John (anal)
We have the pleasure of two Marines together at the same time with Staff Sergeant John and Sergeant Brent. These guys are true grit with a ton of sex appeal built in. Both men have served in Iraq at different times and they share a sense of Marine "esprit de corps".
The guys are interested in seeing what it's like to be with another Marine. Brent has only had one other encounter with guy and it was on All-American Heroes. Now is his second chance to see what it's like--this time with a member of his own branch of the military.

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