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[throat-it-boy.com] [Boy9] 22yo Madrid Hostel Cocksucker (720p).mp4

Boy9: 22yo Madrid Hostel Cocksucker

I hit this cocksucker up on Grindr while I was in Madrid this summer. He was staying at a hostel near my hotel. After watching some of my videos he said, "I've never really tried something that big, so I think you're going to teach me how to handle it ;P" When I asked him, "What's the longest you've sucked/edged a huge dick for?" he said, "I'm not really sure... Maybe 20 minutes." "You'd have your work cut out for you then. I expect at least 60 if you're going to kneel before my cock. Not sure you'd be able to do that cocksucker." "Like I said," he continued, "you're the boss... I will suck you as long as you want."

I tried to warn him. Servicing my cock is hard fuckin' work. Rarely is a cocksucker truly prepared for it. He didn't give up though. He lasted the full 60 minutes. Three times longer than his previous record, and that wasn't his only first that night. Earlier I asked him, "Have you been throat fucked to the brink of gagging and puking cocksucker?" He said, "Just gagging actually." That all changed in the last five minutes as he was deep throating my cock. He could tell I was close and he submitted fully. I made him puke twice. This hot young cocksucker deserves to look his best so I cut the footage out but if you watch the edit closely you can probably fill in the missing frames with your imagination. After wiping his lips, like any real cocksucker, he got right back to it. When he finally tasted my seed he knew he had really earned it.
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