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Description“One of the hardest (no pun intended) parts of doing what we do is that the straight guys we lust after often stop by all horny and want to be filmed right away. Okay, okay -- twist our arms! Our first scene is all about what happens when a hot, young straight dude wants to get off and gets some impromptu help. Adam is sexy as fuck, 22 years old, tall, with killer blue eyes and one helluva nice dick and ass! Who could resist? Adam popped by one night a few months ago and wanted to use Jay's computer to look at girls. Looking turned into rubbing, rubbing turned into whipping it out and whipping it out turned into some serious guy-on-guy action. We don't think Adam knew just what he was getting himself into, but we satisfied this testosterone-filled young man and wore his ass out!

Brady's a gay guy we met about two months ago and he's all about being in videos. Knowing what a horn-dog Brady is and how much he craves the cock, we asked if he liked straight guys. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, no joke! So, we made the arrangements for the shoot and decided to invite Smoke, Matt and Eric over around lunch-time. Brady took full advantage of the situation by having some porn going and getting the guys worked up as the mid-day fun began. Rubbing, stroking, sucking and eating ass... all of our favorites! Enjoy this triple-decker straight guy sandwich, special sauce and all.

You all know Bryan and Cypher - two of our hottest guys - so you may have heard that Cypher took a trip back to Alaska to do a stint on an arctic fishing boat. Before he left, we wanted to give him a proper send-off and this is what happened. Bryan and Cypher have become very comfortable working with each other over the past months, and it shows in this smoking video. Not long after the camera started rolling, these two hot studs started pleasuring themselves and each other. There's even a little surprise for you at the end of the video - I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it! And I always obey my thirst.

What happens when you pair two horny, straight, testosterone-raging dudes late at night with no female outlet? Almost anything. And this newest clip proves the point. Late last week we were hanging out with Beau, an old friend, and Shane, one of our newer models. With pussy porn blazing on every screen in the studio, the topic of conversation quickly turned to sex. What a surprise! After discussing some of the hot sexual adventures these lads have been on, we noticed that Shane kept getting up and leaving the room. So I went to find out what he was up to and I discovered him working out on our nautilus equipment. Thinking nothing of it, I went back into the office, and about five minutes later so did Shane. Again the topic turned to sex and Shane disappeared again. This time, when I found him he was sitting by the workout equipment staring intently at the video playing just feet away. Seems as if this workout was either a scheme to get closer to the dirty movie playing on the screen, or it was a way for him to work out his sexual tension. I pulled Jay aside and suggested we might want to make a film of the guys working out their aggression.

We set up the camera, and Beau and Shane both agreed to be filmed together working their beautiful bodies. They seemed nervous about being filmed together, and their sexual discussions continued with ‘have you ever..?’ and ‘one time me and this chick…’The boys knew what we were up to and what we wanted, but we pretty much just let the scene play itself out without much direction. To no one's surprise this work out shoot turned into a pretty messy scene. We're sure you'll enjoy this intimate glimpse into young manhood and the problems that can arise when there's just too much sex talk! Guess we'll have to tone it down. Not!

A couple of months ago, while Doug and CB were making use of the futons in the studio, dear ol' Doug announced that he was drivin' out to bum-fuck to meet a potential new model. Quite a while later, he came back with a stunning Native American in tow. Then the party began and you'll see what happened next behind the closed doors of the studio…”

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