Getting Vinnie Off: Director's Cut - Sneek Peek Productions - SPP44

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My little ''Greek God'',just out of prison,calls me after a recent near-death experience (!?) to arrange for an interview session. Franco strips down and gives in to some old-fashioned stroke'n'blow ,and just when he's as hard as he can be I invite Mr. Bill to join the party! After a little ''cock-fighting'' with Franco,I put his hand on my cock and he starts to jerk me off . It feels so damn good that soon we're making each other bust our nuts! Is it really that easy?

I would describe this next 18 year old as ''10 and half inches with attitude''. 5'11'',185 pound Jedi played high school football and basketball in NJ where he's from,and now he raps with his posse on the streets of his neighborhood. I met him thru Franco and this is his first on-camera interview¦. He strips down to his diesel brown body and watch as the ''monster'' swings. While Jedi is nervously talking,I kneel down between his legs and take his whole cock in my mouth. He seems surprised at first,but he doesn't stop watching me as I take his rock hard piece all the way to the base - Jedi can not believe that I'm swallowing the whole thing! I take out my huge cock and rub it against his,he looks at the camera (remember?) but gives in to the moment. I take his hand and put it on my cock,urging him to stroke me and soon I'm spilling a huge load. He scolds me for making a mess on him! I use my mouth to finish him off and he shoots a massive creamy load on my lips! As he quickly dresses (to get back to his girlfriend and 1 year old son),Jedi asks ''How long will it take to get a reaction from the interview?'' Not long,my boy! Not long!

After peeling off several layers of Hip-Hop threads (the ''ice'' stays on) Enrique picks out an inspirational porno and before you can say ''Hoo Wee! Look at the size o that thing!'' ,he's good to go . I lick and stroke and suck his big piece and you can tell he s loving it! I take out my cock and start to stroke it,and when I stand and present Mr. Bill to Enrique,he swoops down on it and gives it a little taste! As I go all the way down on his cock I ask him: ''Does that feel good?'' ''Hell,Yeah!'' he replies. In no time he's blowin' a massive load which I proceed to devour . I scoot up next to him on the sofa and after he lubes my cock and starts to stroke it with both hands,he coaxes out a hot creamy load . Watch how long he cleans the hand that took my load - but he seems ok with what happened . I think the next level is upon us!

Buzz stops by the studio for some late night chillin' and he's looking good...workouts at the gym have paid off. When he's naked and sprawled on the bed,I get down beside him at play with him a little: nipples,balls,asshole,cock. Buzz puts his leg across mine and soon he's stroking my monster cock as he pleasures himself. Beside me on the bed,Buzz takes the lotion,lubricates my cock and strokes me nice and slow,making me bust a killer nut! Buzz grabs his own cock and gives it some determined stroking,and when I say ''Cum for me,Baby!'' he spews his week-old load on the bed . I would say that Mr. Bill has had a busy week! Oh,yeah!

I asked my partner to film this scene of me taking things into my own hands while watching some classic amateur porn. It's Mr. Bill like you ve never seen him before: up close and personal!
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