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[BG EAST]Gil Barrios vs Christian Taylor

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description"Come Get a Taste of This!"

These two are ready to hit the mats. No preliminaries. No getting acquainted period. No playful challenges. Christian Taylor catches Gil Barrios while he's doing bicep- and shoulder-bulging pull-ups right on the horizontal support beam in the Wrestleshack. Christian ab punches him, bringing the Brazilian down to earth, then snaps him into a bodyscissors. Gil tries to elbow his way free. No effect. Showing remarkable strength and balance, Gil gets up on his feet, his body still wrapped in Christian's legs. Gil is the stronger of the two men, with a solid back and torso, and sturdy, well-toned thighs. With 2 previous Wrestleshack, and 2 previous outdoor, matches, he's as perfectly comfortable in this setting as he is with his muscled physique.

Gil deftly pushes cute Christian to the mat and twists his arms behind his back, crisscrossing the wrists just under the shoulder blades. His opponent's rangy arms trussed up and useless, Gil pulls the slender wrestler's shorts off to reveal Christian's gray thong underwear. "You wanna wrestle?" he taunts, brandishing a bulbous bicep. "Come get a taste of this." He pulls down his shorts to give Christian a glimpse of the packed white thong underneath, daring his assailant to strip them off him if he can.

The sudden onset of this sexy fight is matched by its rapid pace. Summer's short, and there's no point in wasting time. These two wrestlers, so different physically and temperamentally, are both hungry for some rough and rowdy horseplay, eager to climb on top of each other and stake their claims as king of the shack. Christian's long limbs are difficult to pull in and control; Gil's boundless energy is impossible to slow down, much less halt. Christian uses long arms and legs to stretch and exhaust Gil's hairy, muscular thighs. He's heard of this fighter's volatility and the damage that those legs are capable of. Christian also knows his best offense is the sneak attack. Given the opportunity, he catches this particular opponent from behind. A straight-on assault on Gil, so quick and so powerful, would be next to impossible. Perhaps sensing the odds are against him, Christian is ready to take any shortcut and employ any low tactic necessary to help him even those odds.
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