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William Higgins - Czech Up - Pavel Smidl and Danek Rovny (wmv)

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Pavel Smidl is a good looking guy who I was keen to see in some action with another guy, so we set up a Czech Up for him, with Danek Rovny. Pavel has injured his ankle whilst playing football. He hops into the room and collapses onto the sofa, moaning as he test his ankle with hish hand. He cannot even manage to remove his shoe, the pain is so bad. So he telephones the doctor and asks for somebody to attend him. As he awaits the arrival of the doctor Pavel lays back and puts his leg up to rest. There is a knock on the door and Pavel hobbles over to admit the doctor, who assists him back to the sofa. Doctor Danek then gently removes the shoe and sock from the injured ankle and begins to test it. Having decided that it is just a sprain he sprays some painkilling anesthetic on the injury and bandages it. He then invites Pavel to have a general check up, as he soothingly strokes his leg.
2012-02-19 15:19:03
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