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This recording says it is StudMall, although the original seems to have been Oink. It is basically three hot  raunchy scenes: the first is solo, the second is 1-on-1, and the last is a group. The raunch is pretty believable, and the guys get hotter and hotter as the film progresses.

from www.svothi.com:
Pigs At Play, Oink! Video's brand new release is three scenes full of your favorite guys playing around with some fresh meat for you to get off to. This contains a self-sucking little piggy who fucks his own hole, muscle studs, ass eating, and of course some hot fucking and big loads.

hxxp://www.gaypornreviews.net/oink-pigs-at-play-review.html says:
Director: RVJ
Reviewed by: R Hewlett
4/16/2005 comments link

For those of you've who've ever wondered exactly what it is that makes a man a sex "pig", OINK Video, in association with Spunk Video.Com has put together three defining scenes that may slightly alter your view of sex among consenting adults. Pigs at Play is a three-part compilation featuring Oink's nastiest guys getting it on in a variety of recklessly creative, vocal, nasty ways. And when I say nasty, I mean N-A-S-T-Y.

Part One, "One Pig": Starting us off on our journey to pigville is thin, sinewy, short haired Nick, donning only a leather-studded armband and a pair of Doc Martens. Nick is reclining on the floor against a black backdrop playing with his rather large, uncut cock. So far, not too piggy. But all that changes when he starts pushing the head of his dick into his prolapsed rectum.

In an astonishing close-up, Nick can make his butthole grimace, pout, spit and stick out its "tongue" like a perverted little meat puppet. This is, however, a puppet that must be punished. From thin air, THE DILDO appears. It's enormous, at least the size of a small arm, and I wonder if any living asshole could really accommodate it. Nick proves how foolish I am, as he grunts, slaps his flaccid cock against his belly, and wriggles the invading rubber vessel entirely up inside his dripping manhole, then begins jack-hammering it in and out of himself, gasping and screaming in what seems to be horrible pain! My instincts tell me to look away, but I can't keep my eyes off the screen! And just when I think the head of the dildo is going to come bursting out of Nick's mouth, a slight smile brushes his lips and I know he's all right. In fact, he's more than all right. He's enjoying the hell out of it!

To be a pig means to have no sexual limits. Nick, being a true sex pig, proves that, as he takes the dildo out of his ass, licks it clean, slaps himself in the face with it, then fastens it to the floor with its suction cup base and begins to impale himself on it over and over. Nick's bung hole fills the screen as the dildo slides in again, this time making loud, wet farting noises as it disappears into the abyss. Then out it pops and we're treated to an impromptu musical number, as Nick thumps out a greasy-fingered "Babba-Loo" on the rim of his O-shaped hole. Can he top that? Undoubtedly, but not just yet.

In the next scene we see Nick standing erect, engaging in a bit of self sucking. Actually, it's more like self licking since his cock isn't quite long enough to fit in his mouth. Nevertheless, he bends and gropes at it repeatedly from several different camera angles, and just as I begin to think this is going nowhere, the final, climactic act of self-serving pigishness is revealed. Folding himself in half like a human pretzel, Nick is able to fellate himself while ravaging his own ass with the dildo. He has now managed to fill every available hole with cock, and he's the only man in the room! What's left for him to do now besides cum in his own mouth? When he does, it's in a spectacular close-up that finishes out part one. I now know that even when alone, anyone can be a pig. I just hope Nick remembered to brush his teeth.

Part Two, "Two Pigs": "Straight" Italian muscle man Marcus Paul sits on the floor of his apartment, playing with his big hard cock when he discovers he's being watched by his horny next door neighbor, faggot Brian-Mark. This scene introduces the concept of vocalization as erotic stimuli. Part of being a pig is having the right pig attitude and not being afraid to say whatever filthy thing is on your mind. Brian-Mark assures his burly neighbor that there's nothing to worry about, and that he'll do anything for dick. At first, Marcus is pissed, but ultimately, he's horny, he has a raging hard on, and he wants to get off. Marcus proves that even "straight" guys can be pigs, and uses Brian-Mark as a means to achieve his cheap orgasm. The scene progresses from there with Brian-Mark giving a no-holds-barred performance, unlike any I've ever seen, spewing out phrases along the way that are almost as shocking as they are dirty.

As he's about to go down on Marcus' dick, he asks, "Does it taste like that bitch you fuck?" Then, upon sniffing it, "Oh fuck, it smells like pussy." I wonder how he'd know such things, but that's beside the point. Only real pigs ever say these kinds of things out loud in mixed company. Brian-Mark throws himself at Marcus with gusto. He chokes and gags, grunts and groans, and with every breath comes a litany of fresh obscenities. "Yeah, I live for dick," he pants. "I want to fuckin' lick your anus, too. Let me suck you where you shit." When he buries his face in Marcus' butt cheeks, he proclaims, "I love it where you fuckin' stink, man. Fuckin' man-shitter," Marcus replies, "I'm gonna take a shit in your mouth." Yikes! Thankfully, the bowel movement doesn't happen, but the thought of it is burned in my brain, nonetheless.

To be such a pig, B-M has a surprisingly difficult time anally accommodating Marcus' cock, which is large but not freakishly so. B-M screams, pleads, pants, and moans, and this after only the first inch! After a few minutes, Marcus clamps his hand over B-M's mouth and tells him to shut the fuck up so that he can slam fuck in peace. After a good bit of spitting, name calling, and more gasping and cursing, B-M finally reaches his torturous climax. Seeing and hearing him in a state of orgasm is what I imagine it would be like watching someone have a brain aneurism. Nevertheless, it's the standout moment of the scene, followed by the best line in the movie, uttered by Marcus after he blows his wad: "I'm outta here. I gotta go home to my real bitch."

Part 3, "More Pigs": A big handsome guy, Brad Davis, sits naked in a sling, jerking off. After a while, in walks big, burly, dark-skinned J.C. Carter who immediately falls to his knees and proceeds to go down on Brad's stiff meat. If you've ever had the opportunity to see a hungry baby llama drink from a milk bottle, you'll know exactly how this guy sucks cock. Loud, sloppy, with extreme vigor and a twinge of violence. This scene is verbal, too, like the one before it, but it's also about the sounds of sex. The wet sucking, slurping and smacking, J.C.'s gagging, heaving and heavy nostril breathing. All these pig traits are depicted here with clarity and the appropriate amount of smarminess.

Brad cums quickly, but he's not had quite enough sex just yet. Lucky for him, a third oinker is waiting in the wings, fully aroused and erect, ready for a three-way, which he receives in abundance. Eventually these three are joined by a fourth and a fifth pig, and what ensues is a terrific oral orgy that all devoted cocksuckers will love. This is classic, backroom type sex where some men are standing and some are kneeling and there's nothing else in the way. The roaming camera work here is excellent, bringing us fully into the action. The air, punctuated with muffled grunting and obligatory "oh yeahs", is pungent and thick. These men are pigs, but they're the kind everybody can love: big, hairy, butch mother fuckers. And they don't get satisfaction easily. Once the sucking is done, Brad returns to the sling for a round robin gang fuck, which ends in an extremely loud, vocal, and exhilarating climax that is the full culmination of all the pig play seen so far. These few moments are well worth the wait.

Granted, Pigs at Play isn't for the well-coiffed crowd, but it's imaginative, original, and thoroughly filthy. If you're already a well-initiated pig, a wannabe, or just curious to see how real pigs play, this video will leave you squealing for more!

Starring: Nick, Brian-Mark, Marcus Paul, Lee Clifford, Tom McCarthy, Damien, J.C. Carter, Brad Davis

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