Loud Mouthed Homophobe - Parts1 & 2

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DescriptionLoud Mouthed Homophobe - Part 1

The handsome, straight, young executive was out with friends, had too much
to drink, and wandered into a gay bar by mistake.  Instead of leaving though,
they decided to stay and ridicule and harass the gay patrons.  Now he finds
himself alone in a back room with a strange, presumably gay, man who is
ripping and cutting the clothes from his muscular body.  The young
executive whimpers and struggles in helpless fear, not knowing where
this will end, until his suit is nothing but torn rags and he's
exposed and vulnerable.

Loud Mouthed Homophobe - Part 2

The crazed masked man wants this young homophobe to know the pleasure
of a man's touch.  With the young exec tied on his back, the man starts to
fondle his large cock.  The young man is disgusted, full of shame at
being violated in this way, and he tries to resist.  But the man is good,
and soon his cock starts to grow in spite of himself.  The man taunts him
as he tries not to cum.  "Lets see you cum for daddy" he orders, and the
young man is disgusted by the thought.  Still the pleasure is too much
for him and soon he gasps then shoots his load on his attacker's hand.
Then he's left alone with his shame.

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