SH/BF Guys Whose Names Begin With T - Straight Hell / Breeder Fucker

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DescriptionTerry, Toby, Todd, Tom and Tony are all SH/BF "victims" - straight guys who are accosted, tricked or simply taken away by some mean and cruel doms who then proceed to do whatever they want to them.  Terry and Toby are both really long sequences of clips which is fun because the inventiveness is exponential.  Terry's just a nice looking bloke who shows up thinking it's a modelling job and is soon being filmed in some compromising positions, against his will.  He learns how to deep throat a cock pretty quickly under the influence of a cane and a crop.  Toby is a really interesting sequence - a young guy and his friend accost the guys thinking they're easy targets in an alley, and the tables are turned.  One of the roughest rape role-plays in all of the SH/BF films I think.  Toby and his friend are forced to do some pretty perverse things to each other, which is always fun.  Toby appears later with different names as a dom himself, and is a common guy in the Brutal Tops series (where he's meaner than anyone).  Todd a gym guy - this was the last kind of work out he was expecting.  Tom doesn't have a whole lot of scenes unfortunately because he's lovely - young, uncut, horrified, screaming.  I don't know how these scenes work but I always wonder if in the briefer ones the guy just couldn't take it and opted out.  Too bad.  Tony's set-up is that he's a lovely Italian looking trucker, muscular and butch as hell, who gets tricked by a woman into coming into a van for sex where he's set upon...  he spends the whole time getting his mouth and ass stretched and looking incredulous. 

I've been re-organizing these files, filling in the gaps and testing all the clips and replacing those that don't work, and uploading them alphabetically though in no particular order of the alphabet. 

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