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Titan Men - P O V - Complete - Both Parts 1 & 2 (avi)

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DescriptionCast:  François Sagat, Dillon Buck, Darius Falke, Braxton Bond, Frank Philipp, Geoffrey Paine, Ludovic Canot, Vin Costes

Director:  Brian Mills

Executive Producer:  Bruce Cam

Videographer:  Brian Mills

Country:  US

Length: 3 hr

Year: 2008

Studio :  TitanMen

The Director's Cut features additional content, including watersports footage.
"What’s your point of view on sex? Do you like to watch or do you like to be watched? In P.O.V., the outdoor sexfest from director Brian Mills, you may just find out! New-to-California Braxton Bond is looking for some fun in the great outdoors; he picks up a video camera at a garage sale and it changes his entire weekend. Themes of voyeurism and sex on camera tie together the smoking-hot all-outdoors sex epic.

After buying the camera, Braxton notices that there’s a tape already inside, so he watches it. Peering through the view-finder, he’s both shocked and excited to watch the intense fetish footage that unfolds before his eyes. The action starts in a dungeon with Vin Costes and Geoffrey Paine going at it while Frank Philipp films. Geoffrey throws Vin on his back and starts sucking his hard cock and eating his ass while he strokes his own hard cock. Frank inches closer from behind the camera as the action elevates until he finally dives into the mouthfucking and ass-fucking.

Before long, Frank binds Geoffrey’s wrists with rope and makes him piss into his mouth. Frank and Geoffrey then stand Vin up and tie him up with his wrists behind his back before they proceed to have their way with him and piss on him. Frank and Geoffrey sit facing each other and glove up for an intense sounding session where they proceed to stick a series of thicker and thicker metal sounding rods into their cocks. When they pull the final rods out of their cocks, both erupt in heavy streams of piss, and before long, the three cum on each other. Frank then takes his place in the sling and proceeds to get drilled by Geoffrey and Vin. After a while, Geoffrey gets into the sling and bottoms for his two buddies. By the end of their fuck session, all three are covered in cum, sweat and piss.

Stirred by the intensely hardcore footage he’s just watched, Braxton can barely contain the boner popping out of his jeans. He sets up the camera on a tripod and films himself jerking off and pissing on himself in an outdoor shower. Dillon Buck is doing some repairs outside when he hears Braxton in the shower; looking between two planks of wood, he sees Braxton’s little sex show and his interest is immediately piqued. He rips off his clothes and jumps in with him, pissing on himself and Braxton with his fat, uncut cock.

After they’ve both drained their bladders, Braxton drops to his knees and expertly deep-throats Dillon’s cock to the hilt. Dillon’s eager to return the favor and they both cum. Braxton stands on a ladder so that Dillon can get full access to his hungry ass, with Dillon working over Braxton’s hole with his mouth and tongue before plunging his long cock deep inside. After many long, hard thrusts, Dillon throws Braxton on his back where he fucks a second load out of him before pulling out his cock and shooting his own load onto Braxton’s smooth stomach.

Later that night, Braxton is playing with his new video camera when he stumbles across François Sagat. He is reluctant to oblige at first, but at Braxton’s coy urgings, François seduces Braxton from the lens, playing with his nipples as he strips off his clothes to reveal his perfect body and thick, uncut cock, which by now is rock hard and ready for the tongue-bath it’s about to get from Braxton. After worshipping François’ cock with his mouth, Braxton stands up and finds himself on the receiving end of a long, passionate blowjob from François. The whole time, Braxton doesn’t miss a beat with his video camera, filming every second of the action as they continue to swap blowjobs until they erupt in torrents of cum all over.

After drenching each other with jizz, they hose one another down with piss. They retire to bed, but as soon as the sun rises, they’re back at it; this time François is focused on Braxton’s ass. With the same languid, passionate pace as before, François first dives into Braxton’s backside with his mouth, warming it up for the pounding he’s going to deliver with his cock. He starts by fucking him against the door jamb and finishes him off on his back on the deck with two more huge loads from both of them.

Still horned up from his tryst with Braxton, François knows all he has to do is show Darius Falke the footage to get things heated up. Sitting at a picnic table, the two start with a deep soul kiss before Darius reaches into François’s jeans to pull out his rock-hard cock. After working it over with his mouth, François bends over and slurps on Darius’s cock, the camera perched on the table recording all the action.

Throwing him on the table, Darius can’t crack open François’s ass soon enough, warming it up with his tongue before he throws on a condom and lubes his cock up so he can fuck him. Pinning François’s legs up in the air, Darius plunges deeper and deeper with each commanding thrust of his dick. After a good, long time, François turns the table on Darius, flipping him over onto his back and fucking him as intensely as he got fucked. They both cum and collapse into each other’s arms.

Turned on by the idea of making his own movie with Ludovic Canot, Darius sets up the video camera on a tripod and awakens the sleeping camper by standing over him and kissing him, rubbing his body with his own. Unaware he’s being taped, Ludovic goes to town on Darius’s cock and balls. Lying beside each other, the two 69, each savoring the other’s rock-hard cocks while splayed out on a blanket in the woods. The two take turns voraciously sucking each other’s dicks in a bunch of different positions until they both spew their loads onto their hot muscled bodies.

But things are just getting started! After they cum, Darius throws Ludovic over a pile of wood so he can spread his ass open to ready it for his long cock. After lubing Ludovic’s hole with his spit and slapping it with his dickhead, Darius plunges in deep and pounds his hungry ass senseless until they both shoot two more explosive loads."

Editor's note:
The sequences involving extreme buttplay, fisting, oversized toys,
and/or watersports appear only in the Director's Cut version.
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