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Cast:  Cole Streets, David Taylor, Adam Killian, Angelo Marconi, Brogan Reed, Bruno Bond, Conner Habib, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Frank Fatone, Jason Crew, Mitchell Rock, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Raz, Scott Tanner, Steve Cruz, Tristan Jaxx, Wilfried Knight

Director:  Ben Leon, Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco
Country:  US
Length: 7 hr 7 min
Year: 2009
Studio :  Raging Stallion Studios

The Story
Focus/ReFocus takes place at the intersection of Danger and Desire. This is an old style Hollywood film noir that tracks the story of Joe Wilder on a sexual adventure that ends in a very startling and unexpected way.

Not a day goes by when Joe does not consume porn. His favorite is Dario Stefano, a hairy Portuguese porn star with a tight, perfectly cut body. Inspired by his insatiable porn consumption, Joe buys a video camera. Joe just wanted to capture the passion and lust that he felt during sex with his boyfriend and share it with the world; he is both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. He knows how hot he is and he knows that Eddie, his boyfriend, is big-time porn star material! When the clip is posted he is ecstatic about the number of comments and feedback he gets. His ego takes control.

But Eddie, who's cock is now all over the web, is not quite as pleased. Eddie has good reason to avoid publicity and the last thing he wants is to have his private life the object of public scrutiny. But Joe's obsession grows, consuming his days and nights. He follows couples and seeks out sex in whatever form he can find it. With camera in hand he turns his world into his own porn studio, and with each encounter he moves further away from reality. He moves from Peeping Tom, to stalker, to edge player in a few short weeks, his cock hardest when danger - or is it thrill? - comes close.

As the tension builds not all of Joe’s videos are welcomed. David is enraged and takes it out on those around him. As the ongoing conflict with his boyfriend drives them apart, Joe focuses more and more on his obsession, porn star Dario Stefano.

A dream comes true when Joe is invited to film a huge five-man orgy that includes Dario and a collection of "A-list gays" in a beautiful mansion in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. But at this moment of sexual satisfaction, things quickly get complicated. With the growth of viral videos, private material never meant to be seen can leak out to the world. When a clip of a sex video gets mysteriously posted, heads begin to roll. Joe’s mind is so removed from reality he fixates on a new sexual adventure - trying to figure out who is killing hot tricks in the Castro, all of whom appeared in the online posting. One of the guys on the video was Dario. Could Dario be the next victim?

As Joe attempts to follow the trail he gets closer and closer to the source, almost without realizing the danger. One by one people he interacts with are killed or go missing, until finally Dario is murdered in Joe’s own bed. As danger closes in, Joe’s heart pounds fast with a strange mixture of horror, fear, and excitement.

There is a fine line between normal and insane, and with the driving force of misdirected sexual desire, Joe teeters on the edge - a normal, average life on one side, and a dark and thrilling abyss on the other. Joe faces the biggest choice of his life, but his cock has as much to say about it as does his head.
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