College Dudes - Pre Game Fuck Session - Johnny Hunter, Justin Case - 1080p

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Johnny is excited to go to a party, but he wants to pregame first before he heads over. He calls up his best friend and asks him to bring some beer over. When he gets there, Johnny is disappointed to find ginger beer instead. But the tatted up friend suggests that they can pregame in other ways, and drops his pants to show Johnny his huge cock. This gets Johnny’s attention, and his mouth quickly surrounds his cock. He blows him well. Now his friend wants to make him feel good too, so he gets Johnny on all fours and puts his tongue in his ass.

Johnny really wants him to fuck him hard, so he rams his long cock inside him and pounds him hard doggy style. Johnny absolutely loves taking his big, hard dick, and allows his hot friend to go deeper. Johnny then wants him to lie back as he climbs on top of him. Johnny loves riding his dick and gets more aroused. “I’m gonna cum!” Johnny says, before he shoots his load. His friend then pulls out and shoots his.
2021-11-26 10:50:22
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