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SC -Brodie- Engaged Straight Muscle Hunk Pack [My Own Compilation]

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Description(2010 ~ 2015) From Condoms to Bareback!!!
2010-10-18 Brodie's Solo Interview.wmv    289.08 MB
2010-10-24 Brodie's First Blowjob with Jess.wmv    112.68 MB
2010-11-05 Brodie's First Sex Scene with Calvin.wmv    320.73 MB
2010-11-06 Behind the Scenes of Brodie's First Sex Scene with Calvin.wmv    45.66 MB
2010-12-20 Brodie Tops Hot Jock Chris.wmv    415.54 MB
2011-10-06 Brodie's First Time Bottoming with Richard (Flip-Fuck).wmv    330.09 MB
2011-12-01 Brodie Flip-Fucks Jamie.wmv    278.49 MB
2012-08-29 Brodie's First Bareback Scene - Bottoms for Brandon.wmv    812.34 MB
2015-03-31 Brodie's Back After 2 Years and Tops Blake Bareback.mp4    589.22 MB
2015-04-20 Brodie Fucks Forrest Raw.mp4    574.23 MB

1) 2010-10-18 Brodie's Solo Interview.wmv
Brodie is the kind of guy you want to hang out with at a party. He’s a big, strapping construction worker by day and a drummer in a rock band at night. It turns out he's engaged to a fiancée that has no problem with him jerking off on film. “You’re not the one that had the idea of doing this, somebody else convinced you... who was it?” “That would be my fiancée.” “Why does she want you to do porn?” “It turns her on, you know. It turns me on. It doesn’t matter if I do guy-guy, guy-girl, solo, guy-couch, it doesn’t matter. So, anything will turn her on and it turns me on more than anything.” Well, that's certainly promising! Brodie’s body is thick, muscled and slightly hairy in all the right places. He has a boyishly handsome face, and he's very masculine in presence and demeanor. “What’s your favorite part of your body?” “My favorite part of my body would have to be either my bubble butt or my erected penis.” I'd have to add perfect chest and nipples, too! And, he's not afraid to experiment with his round hairy ass, either. He and his fiancée play with toys and he’s even had some of them in his butt!

2) 2010-10-24 Brodie's First Blowjob with Jess.wmv
Brodie — our beefy stud whose fiancée convinced him to do his first film — is back. His situation is very similar to Jess’s in that guy-on-guy action really turns on their girls. So, here was a thought: Get the two handsome, open-minded, sexual guys together and see what happens. This was Brodie’s first time with another guy, and I wanted to ease him into it, making sure all the attention was being paid to him. I wanted to be sure that his sexy body got the working over it needed and I thought that an oral workout from Jess would be a great place to start. There was certainly some fire going on, maybe because both of them knew that what they were getting ready to do was going to get their girlfriends back home hot and bothered. Jess, who usually is the more dominant one, seemed pretty content sharing the spotlight with another hot guy who was just as dominant. The big surprise was when Jess got naked and stroked his hard cock while servicing Brodie. That seemed to get both of them harder and more into it! Jess was amazing with his cock sucking! You could tell by the look on Brodie’s face through the entire experience that he enjoyed every minute of it...

3) 2010-11-05 Brodie's First Sex Scene with Calvin.wmv
Brodie is very interesting to watch in action. There is a side of him that is very explorative and cocky but there is still that hint of shyness in him about it all. I followed up with him after his blow job experience with Jess and wanted to know what else he was willing to try. He said he loved the blow job and was excited to go further! The mood was very playful between Calvin and Brodie. They compared bodies, dicks and balls, frequently joking in between. “You’ve got some low hanging balls...what’s your favorite thing about your balls?” I asked Calvin. “Well I hear when the left one hangs lower, that means you’re more creative.” “Really. I’ve never heard that before! That’s interesting. So you’re saying you’re a very creative person?” “That’s what my balls tell me.” That playfulness quickly turned into an intense cock sucking session. Brodie flung Calvin onto the bed, guiding his Calvin's mouth onto his dick. It was great to see Calvin hungrily beg for it. He was so excited that he was even “air fucking” as he sucked on it. Brodie prepped Calvin’s hole with an intense rim job and then plunged deep into it with his hard cock. He was aggressive but sweet at the same time. He took control of Calvin’s ass and showed that he was capable of putting it to work, flipping it, slapping it and fucking it until they both ended up completely drained!

4) 2010-12-20 Brodie Tops Hot Jock Chris.wmv
Remember those two jock guys in high school that were always together? They partied, took the same classes, played all the same sports? Inseparable. Best friends. Possibly fucking each other but no one would know except them because there was “no way” such macho studs could possibly enjoy rolling around naked together. That is exactly what Chris and Brodie reminded me of. I didn’t expect such playfulness and energy out of these two. It was like they were long lost buds reconnecting after years of not seeing each other. Right off the bat, they started talking about what routines they followed to stay in shape. I wasn’t going to waste any opportunity to see the two of them get all sweaty and worked up, so we stopped at a park for a semi-naked workout. Let's just say that a straight couple having a picnic nearby got an eyeful! Then they got into a wrestling lesson of sorts — pointing out the homoerotic elements of the sport and joking about the “top” and “bottom” positions as Chris wrapped Brodie in a hold and reached his hand into his shorts. And then Brodie took control of Chris and pinned him down — literally. Both naked. Both riled up from the wrestling. It might have been a bit difficult at first, but once Brodie opened up Chris' hole, the fucking was deep and non-stop. You could see the full impact of Brodie's dick as Chris bounced up and down on it. By the time all was said and done, Chris was thoroughly fucked!

5) 2011-10-06 Brodie's First Time Bottoming with Richard (Flip-Fuck).wmv
Brodie has been very adventurous, but there's always been one question I've had for him: "When are you going to let someone fuck you?" I knew it was only a matter of time as he flat-out admitted when I first met him that he enjoyed the occasional use of a strap-on. It turns out he was waiting for the "right guy" and by that I think he meant someone who was comparable in size or bigger than he is. He actually hand picked Richard. He saw the film where Nolan had fucked Richard. Brodie thought it would be pretty intense to get fucked by a big, muscular stud. They met and they clicked. Brodie knew what he was getting into and was especially playful and excited. After comparing each other's muscles, Brodie actually bowed down and admitted that Richard's biceps were bigger! It was so cute! Brodie started fucking Richard first, feeling him up both inside and out. It was obvious that Brodie really liked Richard's physique. And then it was Brodie's turn!

6) 2011-12-01 Brodie Flip-Fucks Jamie.wmv
Jamie is always so playful. He was doing the splits, and showing off how flexible he was by putting his legs behind his head. "You know," I said. "It's great that you can do that and all..." "I know," he said with a big smile. He knew where I was going with this. "You're going to be fucking him today," I said, gesturing toward Brodie. "So we're going to be putting some of your other talents to use!" Man, Jamie was excited! I think Brodie was a little more trepidatious. He hadn't had a lot of experience getting fucked. I think he thought it was going to hurt. "Well, be easy on me..." he joked. The connection between the two of them was great. Jamie was getting Brodie to join in on the somersaults and they were doing some pretty crazy acrobatics before the fucking even started. But Jamie wanted to fuck and so he took charge. It was nice to see that in addition to being a voracious bottom, Jamie is also a powerful top!

7) 2012-08-29 Brodie's First Bareback Scene - Bottoms for Brandon.wmv
“Well, well!” I said with my eyes wide. “Look who we have here.” Brodie rushed up out of his chair and gave me a big hug. “It’s really good to see you!” he said. It had been a while. I had been trying to get him back repeatedly to, well, get fucked... raw. He had said ‘no’ many times, but I am persistent! “What if I put you with someone who is really hot?” I asked him on the phone. “And nice too?” There was a long pause. He didn’t say ‘no’ again and I knew what he was thinking. “What if he has a ‘husband-sized’ dick?” Brodie laughed. He knew what I meant. I joke sometimes that a ‘husband-sized’ dick is one that’s just the right size... not too big and not too small. So that was why he was there, giving me a hug, ready to get fucked! Brandon was also there. “And you look happy!” I said to him. “I always am when I’m here,” he replied, looking at the floor. I’m always surprised that Brandon is so shy, especially considering how hot he is. However, he’s not shy when he’s naked and he was ready to fuck! We didn’t waste any time, and it turned out that Brandon’s cock was a perfect match for Brodie. Brandon was pushing all the right buttons, because Brodie was close to cumming pretty much the entire time. “It feels weird, but in a good way,” he explained. “I feel tingly!” “It’s probably because he’s hitting your sweet spot!” I said. Brandon’s balls were slapping Brodie’s ass, and Brandon was pounding hard. Before we knew it Brandon was pushing his warm load into Brodie’s hole. “It feels like a warm ass massage!” Brodie said. He seemed to really enjoy knowing Brandon’s cum was deep inside him!

8) 2015-03-31 Brodie's Back After 2 Years and Tops Blake Bareback.mp4
[No description anymore on SC] :'(
But......After a really long nearly 2 and a half year absence....Brodie is Back and ready to Top Blake!!!! It's awesome to see guys come back after some time to do more scenes....especially when they've had such a journey like Brodie's....LOL

9) 2015-04-20 Brodie Fucks Forrest Raw.mp4
And here's his most recent scene where he fucks Forrest raw.......Hopefully we'll be seeing him bottom soon again!!! >_<

Enjoy guys.....Hope you've loved seeing his journey from his first time with a guy to his most recent scenes!! I know there are a lot more older videos of Brodie.....but I just wanted to focus more on his Firsts.....and the newer videos....to see his transitions in gay porn...and how he got to where he is today....that's basically what turns me on.....so hopefully it will turn you guys on too!!! =D
Have Fun.....and remember to seed, comment and give some much appreciated bonus points if you like what you see....Thanks!!!
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