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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-27 |
When I watched the footage back from "Ryan's" visit to the Lake House and I can't help but laugh at just how gullable we can be when it cums to a big ole dick on a hot body. We soon found out that our boy Ryan was all over the web under the name Rocco. We didn't know that or the fact that he had some real sticky fingers.

Ryan was staying a short ways away from the Lake House when he first contacted us looking to do some video work. He was pretty shady from the start and now I know that he was just afraid that we were going to call him on his bs. I'm pretty sure that we were a little blinded by his big banana cock and that hairy ass.

You'll notice how nervous Ryan is in the video and it's not because its his first time in front of the camera. We put him in front of a mirror and sat back and watch him play with his tool. The first thing he did was spread those meaty legs lettings us know that his hole will soon be open for business.

Ryan closed his eyes and got to a happy place and started to bring the milk in his nut sack to his shaft. Then Ryan got up on his knees and spewed cum from his long curved stick, drenching the blanket. Ryan was ready to go with that ass of his an hour later.......

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