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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-09 |
Cast: Spike, David Thompson, Dean Maxwell, David Pierre, Mark Kroner, Thomas Bond, Eduardo, Lex Kyler, Peter Logan, Tom Matthews, Daniel Rivero, Jacob Scott, Jake Shot

Scene 1
The scene starts as shaved-headed Jacob Scott watches buds David Thompson and Peter Logan kissing. Soon the three are grinding together and David falls to his knees to suck them both. You'll notice that the two suckees wander in and out of hardness here, which is kind of a drag. Thompson--handsome as ever, and one of his era's most reliable talents--steals the show. He stays super stiff as he gets sucked, and your eyes will gravitate toward him in every frame. Logan shows some flexibility, rolling his back to suck his own (soft) cock a few times, including when he's getting eaten by both Thompson and Scott. The two shoot their loads on his ass, but Logan never squirts.

Scene 2
Yep, that's cute Spike in one of his earliest roles (he and David Thompson are listed last in the cast on the video, but are the real stars here). His absolutely stunning dick gets ample screen time in his threesome with Thomas Bond and Dean Maxwell. Bond is handsome as fuck--I always thought he looked like a brother of industry star Blake Harper--but he suffers from some wood issues and doesn't have much of an impact here. Thankfully, Spike and Maxwell--a hairy cutie with great wood--are really into each other. Peter Logan is actually here in the beginning as well, as the three all slurp up Spike's amazing shaft (caught in some great shots beneath the action) before jacking off and leaving the scene. The hottest shots have the sweaty Maxwell getting his throbber sucked by Spike, whose own dick is bouncing below as he slurps (caught in a great overhead shot). What a pair! Maxwell spends a little time licking his buds' asses before they squirt on Spike's balls and hole.

Scene 3
Jake Shot is relaxing in a sling as manly Tom Matthews eats his hole--while hung Daniel Rivero feeds his big, uncut cock to him at the other end. It's a facial hair-filled threesome, and Rivero has a hot, hairy body that's hot to look at--but it takes him a while to get stiff (and it's brief when he does). But that shot is fantastic: Matthews grinds his hard cock on Shot's groin, leans over to kiss him--and then reaches further to suck on Rivero's tool, working it up nicely. Matthews--the standout of this scene--continues to munch on Shot's butt as Rivero pulls down his foreskin for Shot's mouth. Matthews is soon laying on his stomach on the sling, his cock popping through one of the holes for Rivero to suck on (as Shot eats Mathews). The three jack to squirt on Rivero, but none of the loads are too big.

Scene 4
Smooth, tan and handsome David Pierre takes on three hairy men in the finale: Mark Kroner, Eduardo and Lex Kyler. Once again, a few performers stand out: Pierre and Kroner have great chemistry together--they are both hard as a rock as they suck each other (Kroner has one of those super thick pieces that gets wider at the base, a real mouth-watering piece). Pierre buries his tongue in the big bush of Kroner's chest hair at one point. Eduardo and Kyler kind of fade into the background, although there's interaction among all of the performers at various points, including a suck chain near the end. Eduardo eventually sits in a rim seat to get his hole tongued by Kyler, and the four soon squirt.

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