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FISTINGCENTRAL COM - Fist And Shout Part 2 Cast:  Billy Berlin, Butch Grand,Carlos Penate, Lee Heyford, Marc LaSalle, Matthieu Paris, Violator

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DescriptionThe word is out and critics agree! Raging Stallion's Fist and Shout Part 1 is destined to become a favorite classic among the butt pig crowd! It is with great pride that we let the other fist fall: Fist and Shout Part 2. Shot in the same vein - and the same week - as its predecessor, Part 2 delivers more amazing, greedy, pro ass pig performances by Raging Stallion Exclusives Matthieu, Billy Berlin, and Marc LaSalle, and features the incredibly talented Lee Heyford. What's more, three new-to-our-studio studs lend their hands to the action: the incredibly sexy Violator, beefy, bottomless Butch Grand, and new discovery Carlos Penate. True to form, these guys deliver, slipping and splitting open holes from top to bottom - two and a half hours of pig butt play in all!
When we weren't shooting Matthieu Paris, we naturally assumed he was resting in his hotel room. Yeah, right! Matthieu put the word out that he was in town and installed a turnstile at his door. He came back to us with his own new discovery - Latin butt master Carlos Penate - and insisted we shoot a scene with Carlos crawling up inside Matthieu's ass. Carlos greases up to his elbows and dives right in - bending Matthieu every which way. Grease flies, Matthieu's fat cock streams piss, his hole takes both of Carlos's arms at once, the works! Carlos's sexy smile and Matthieu's rosy ass bud say it all.
Next up, Lee Heyford and Billy Berlin deliver a beautiful hour-long flip-flop that will take your breath away. These two smooth, sexy, muscle studs really get off showing off for each other. Billy offers his delectable pink ass to Lee who wastes no time gloving up and greasing in to Billy's smooth, hungry ass. Once warmed up, Billy squats down on Lee's arm for a fast paced jackhammer ride down Lee's beautiful fist, his ass lips sucking up and down Lee's cinnamon forearm.
Lee's really eager to show Billy what his own ass can do! Lee's hole opens wide in an instant, his fat ass lips chomping and chewing on Billy's talented hands. Lee's encouraging grin speaks volumes and Billy works over Lee's muscle ass, stretching and sliding all the way until both Billy's hands disappear inside Lee’s beautiful hole.
For our grand finale, we put Matthieu Paris, Violator, and Butch Grand on our set, provided the lube, and let them have at it. Smooth, sexily inked Violator starts out on Butch, tearing at Butch's bear muscles and fur, peeling apart his melon framed ass to get at Butch's furry-eyed center. Violator's demanding hands poke and prod Butch's ass, which gives way to slippery stretching. Soon Matthieu joins in, pawing at Butch's ass and then offering up his own ass on top of Butch's. Violator has no choice but to dive a paw in each.
Matthieu wants more, spinning around and tempting Butch to sink his meaty arms into Matthieu's ass. You won't believe the sight of Butch's thick, hairy forearm and elbow sliding up in Matthieu's well-worked sphincter. Violator straddles the two and Butch and Violator take turns depth-charging Matthieu. Violator's famous forearm depth gauge tattoo registers to the hilt with each relentless plunge into Matthieu's quivering hole. There are just too many top swaps and eye-popping fist-in-ass positions to describe here. This hour-long scene is a fitting topper to Fist and Shout Part 2.
As an added DVD bonus, we're pleased to share the audition performance our own Marc LaSalle gave for our camera when he first set foot in our studio - about eight months prior to shooting Fist and Shout. Marc gives us a great show, working several of our favorite butt toys in his beautiful, hungry hole, pumping out a gushing cum climax.

Cast:  Billy Berlin, Butch Grand,Carlos Penate, Lee Heyford, Marc LaSalle, Matthieu Paris, Violator
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