♺ Jay Grafmiller - Brian Tied & Tickled by David (Full Video)

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David, a visitor from the Czech Republic, is caught napping by Brian who decides to have some fun tickling his feet to wake him up. David stirs, twitching his sensitive feet as Brian tickles his soft soles, then finally wakes up when Brian starts tickling his ribs. A free-for-all results, then David pins Bryan down and starts tickling him back as Brian squeals with delight (well, some guys like being tickled). After a while David gets Brian in the ropes so that he can continue tickling him without interference. Needless to say, Brian's upper thighs, feet, ribs and armpits get tickled on and on. David continues tickling Brian all over, finishing him off with a special toy made from prickly pine needles. Just the thing for tickling feet!

This scene opens with David continuing to tickle Brian's bare feet with the pointed end of an artist's paint brush. Brian squirms and squeals as the pointed end is poked back and forth deep into his tender soles. But alas, he's completely helpless and cannot escape the tender ministrations that David so deftly visits upon him. Meantime, David has set up a hassock covered with a veritable array of tickle toys, and proceeds to experiment with them on Brian's bare feet to see which toys work best. David's favorite instrument of tickle torture is a hair styling brush which he drags back and forth all over Brian's ticklish soles followed by another round of foot ticking with his bare hands. After removing Brian's ankle restraints, David slips a pair of OTC nylon stockings over Brian's feet, then starts tickling him again, first with his hands, then with the styling brush. This prompts Brian to exclaim "I hate that!!!" Well, being a 'nice' guy, David relents from tickling Brian's feet, and immediately begins tickling his sensitive upper thighs instead.

David straddles Brian and goes straight for his armpits. Next he slips his fingers down to Brian's chest and ribs, but Brian has thrashed around so much that his arms slip out of the leather wrist cuffs. This puts a crimp in David's style and he finds it hard to hold Brian down and tickle him at the same time. But fate intervenes as Brian turns the table on David, wrestling him onto his back down to the foot of the bed. Gaining the advantage, Brian immediately starts an aggressive tickling assault on David's pecs, ribs and stomach. He tickled David so bad that he gets out of breath and can hardly fight back. So much the better for Brian who grabs the styling brush and starts tickling David's left foot, then back to his stomach again. But David is a sly fox and manages to topple Brian over on his back and is King of the Mountain once more. David tickles Brian's upper body for a long spell, then goes after his nylon socked feet with the styling brush. The closing scene shows Brian on his stomach, hog-tied on the bed with David firmly in control. As you might expect, Brian's bare feet get the worst of it - this time with the spiny pine needle toy.

David continues to 'entertain' the hog-tied Brian's bare feet with the pine needle toy and his finger tips. Next, he rolls Brian over on his back and launches a frontal attack on his tummy, then back to his bare feet again.

Brian has David in the ropes and gives full vent to his appetite for revenge on David is ticklish stomach and ribs. He even slips his finger into Davids delicate navel and wiggles it all around, much to Davids consternation and raucous laughter! Next its a red feather slipped under the waistband of Davids boxer shorts. Heaven only knows what got tickled down there. The feather then wends its way up into Davids armpits, then gets cast aside as Brian administers a really horrible tickling of poor Davids upper body. avid never laughed like this before. You can really tell how responsive he is to intensive tickling by the sound of his voice. Indeed, he is truly a ticklers delight. But that is not the end of it. Brian lays into Davids cute bare feet with a vengeance! First with the styling brush followed by a toothbrush and the insidious pine needle toy, and finally his deft fingertips. Next its back to Davids ribs, pecs and armpits. By this time poor David is desperate as he cries out: This is torture! to which our devilish Brian replies: GOOD! as he continues to tickle David with renewed vigour. The set ends with a final foot tickling with a long evil-looking pheasants tail feather working its magic all over Davids beautifully shaped and ticklish feet.

This final clip opens with a long and gorgeous close-up of Davids beautiful bare feet being tickled with the styling brush followed by another visit from the laugh inspiring pheasant feather. Brian pays homage to Davids upper body, then alternates back and forth between his bare feet and upper body. He is a merciless tickler and keeps poor David almost breathless, though constantly entertained. The clip climaxes when Brian administers a rousing, knockdown, drag-out tickling all over David's stomach which raises the tenor of his laughter to new heights to the delight of all. What a wonderful way to while away the hours on a lazy afternoon!

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