18 movies from Athletic Model Guild (AMG) Brazil

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Hot Brazilians produced & filmed entirely in Brazil with an All-Brazilian cast!

Sample synopsis from Suraba Bronze

It starts with a slow, sensual but not especially sexual shared shower, but by the time it ends, this production revs into high gear with a fast-paced, sizzling orgy.
The dudes in the shower, Leo Passos and Kayk Limo, provide a teasing, tickling lesson in using a tongue piercing on a big, uncut cock, and just when you think their dry-humping is going to go further, the scene switches to twin brothers Caio and Carlos Carvalho.
Caio and Carlos actually touch in this one, and not just tentatively, either. There's a lot of mutual dick-stroking and even some mouth on nipple action. But when the dudes are ready to fuck, Mauro Reis magically appears so the twink can switch off doing him in the spit roast position.
The remainder of the production is the orgy sequence, which builds from two studs to eight in a flash, and which takes place both outside and inside. In the interior segment, the camera grabs lots of juicy close-ups of assholes being fucked (with one especially good double penetration), and outside, the angle tends to feature the big mass of bronzed, horned-up studs fucking like mad.
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