Secret Sex Trilogy - Catalina C1R DVDs

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3 full DVDs.

Secret Sex

director Chi Chi LaRue

Aiden Shaw
Derek Cruise
Grant Larson
Jimmy Dante
John Wood
Kurt Wolfe (Wolffe)
Mark West (90s)
Rob Cryston
Steve Maverick
Zak Spears
Busty Belle, Sharon Kane - Non-sexual role

'One Of The Year's Best' The first chapter in a 3 part trilogy from legendary Director Chi Chi LaRue. Secret Sex takes us on a journey into the near future where sex post-nuclear has its ups and downs. A stellar cast including Aiden Shaw, Rob Cryston and cult favorite Sharon Kane (non-sexual) make this roller coaster ride of hot sex and sexual tension a sure fire hit!

1. John Wood, Derek Cruise
2. Aiden Shaw, Mark West
3. Zak Spears At, Kurt Wolfe
4. John Wood, Steve Maverick
5. Sharon Kane, Busty Belle, John Wood, Rob Cryston

Secret Sex 2 The Sex Radicals

Chad Donovan
Daryl Brock
Derek Cruise
Rob Cryston
Rod Majors
Tom Katt
Tyler Regan
Zak Spears
Chris Green, Sharon Kane - Non-sexual role

In a place where sex is bad and punishable time when lust runs rampant and the men show it in their eyes. The Sex Police are on their trail, but The Sex Radicals are coming out on top! When the Sex Police return for a second time, the Radicals will be ready... Ready for hot, man fed action. Only to triumph over the bad. They will take what is theirs. Victory for sex. Secret Sex 2.

1. Rob Cryston, Chad Donovan
2. Derek Cruise, Tom Katt, Daryl Brock
3. Keller Hyde, Derek Cruise
4. Zak Spears, Rod Majors

Secret Sex 3 The Take Over

Anthony Gallo
Charlie Boy
Chris Green
Daryl Brock
Grant Larson
Jake Andrews
Jonathan Steel
Scott Russell
Sharon Kane
Steve Marx
Tony Hampton

The Sex Radicals are back again, and they're ready to take control in Part 3 of the Secret Sex trilogy. Ruling the underground was their claim, but they've come out on top to control the world with hardcore man sex. The Sex Police are losing the battle for abstinence as the Radicals get their libidos recharged for nonstop Secret Sex. The Sex Revolution has gained control in the 21st Century and nothing can stop them now! Love and Lust will reign forever.

1. Steve Marx, Jonathan Steele
2. Anthony Gallo, Grant Larson
3. Scott Russell, Jake Andrews
4. Tony Hampton, Charlie Boy
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